Manufacturer's Hazelnut Carries Primitive Cable Car

The Primitive Ropeway Carries the Producer's Hazelnut: The hazelnuts collected on steep lands in ORDU are transported to the blend by the primitive cable car built by the producer. 36-year-old Mehmet Kondak, who pulled nuts from the cable car stations with his engine, said, “With the 300-500 meter cable car stations established in the villages, the hazelnut is easily transported to the blend. It is also very convenient in terms of time and cost ”.

While the hazelnut producers who entered the garden at the beginning of August continue to harvest, the products collected from the gardens on the lands that do not have a vehicle road on Melet and Turnasuyu Valley are carried to the blend with mules and cable cars. The producers, who had problems due to the insufficient number of mules to be employed in the hazelnut business in the villages, found the solution in the cable car. In the gardens of 800 villages around Turnasuyu Valley, which reaches an altitude of 16 meters, there are approximately 300 steel ropes between 500 and 100 meters and primitive ropeway systems consisting of the engine that activates it. He said that while the hazelnuts collected on rugged, steep and slope lands are easily transported with the cable car system installed, producers are satisfied with this system.

Drawing nuts from the cable car stations in the villages on the Turnasuyu Valley with his motor, Mehmet Kondak said, “There is a problem in finding workers who can be employed in the hazelnut business because the population in the villages is decreasing. This problem is tried to be overcome with the hazelnut workers coming from the East and Southeast. There is also the transportation of hazelnuts from the garden to the threshing. In the past, one out of every 3 farmers in the villages had a mule. Today, the number of mules is very insufficient. We found the solution in the primitive ropeway system we set up in our garden. I shoot hazelnuts from a high distance of 300-500 meters in Turnasuyu Valley. "There are nearly 100 cable car stations along the valley."

Hüseyin Özbucak, 12, who produces approximately 43 tons of hazelnuts in Gerce Village, said that it is difficult to transport hazelnuts to the threshing floor with a mule from the orchards 6-7 kilometers away. Stating that he easily solved this problem with the cable car station he set up in his gardens 4 years ago, Özbucak said, “Our lands are on slopes and scattered places. Most have no driveways. We collect hazelnuts collected in the garden together with mule and human power. We take the cable car to the driveway. From here, we take it to the threshing floor by pickup truck. As we reduce the cost of carrying hazelnuts by cable car, it is also greater than time. kazanwe have a This year, we expect a price of 6-7 TL in the free market. However, at these prices, we can get the value of our product,” he said.

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