Türkoğlu Logistics Center Becomes a Center for Railway Transportation

Turkoglu is happening in the Central Railway Transport Logistics Center: Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD General Directorate) to start my life tenure.
I worked in this organization between 1987-1992. I have been appointed to another public institution in 1992.
Since then, however, I have not broken my contacts with my friends at the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways. TCDD is my ik eye and
The first institution I worked for. The high speed train and other moves of TCDD General Directorate excite and delight me as a Turkish citizen
As a former employee of the Institution, he is quite happy and satisfied.
Railways are the most comfortable, most reliable, most comfortable and fastest means of transportation. As long as the necessary investment and necessary maintenance are concerned,
railways mean comfort, comfort, safety and speed.
We have seen these investments in recent years. One of the investment moves of TCDD in recent years is logistics centers. This logistics
One of the centers, will be built in our county.
I learned the last news about this one day during my visit.
When I went to visit a friend of my department in TCDD General Directorate, Türkoğlu became the center of our district.
I have learned that the efforts and efforts in the road are continuing rapidly and the necessary permitting procedures have been completed. I'm glad.
TCDD will be realized by the General Directorate of Kahramanmaraş - Türkoğlu Logistics Center
After that, which facilities will our district of Turkoglu?
Let me answer immediately:
According to the project related to the subject;
1-Logistics Management Building,
2-Social facility building,
3-Facilities and traffic service building,
4-Traffic observation tower,
5-22 × 550 m ramp,
6-Approx. 45000m² container site,
7-Approx. 200000m² stock area,
8-Approx. 30000 m² discharge pit.

Yes, these facilities are necessary facilities for a logistics center.
When do the studies end? When is the tender for the project subject? Of course these are the issues that will be realized over time.
As far as we know, project and tender documents have been prepared and announced to the related persons.
It is known that the necessary EIA permission has been taken for the project area. In this case, the final stage for the project and construction begins.
Good luck.
So, what is the benefit of this logistics center Turkoglu in our province and in general and what will it benefit from?
The biggest benefit will be the creation of new jobs and the revival of trade. From railways and stored in the logistics center
distribution of products by road will also be a revival in road transport. There will be further developments.
Logistical means is basically a combination of three things. These are transportation, storage and distribution. Logistics doesn't end with these three elements. Export and import of it
There are tens of stages, such as marketing and packaging, advertising and publicity.
Let's not mention the word and make a description about logistics at the end of our article and what we mean and the importance of this investment in Türkoğlu District
Let's summarize with this definition. (In fact, the definitions are at the beginning of the article
at the end of this time)
Logistics: ından From the starting point (s) of all kinds of commercial substances and products to meet the needs of customers,
the general name of the stages of the delivery to the last point of consumption (end-consumer) is logistics. These stages, in general
efficient and efficient planning, implementation and transportation of the movement of a product in the supply chain,
storage and control services.

Source : http://www.haberevet.com

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