Turkish Mechanic Assesses Train Accident in Spain (Special Report)

Turkish Mechanic Evaluates the Train Accident in Spain: Fevzi Mavis, who is working as an engineer in Taksim-Hacıosman metro line in connection with İstanbul Transportation Inc., has caused the deaths of dozens of people in our country and in Switzerland and Spain in recent years. evaluating the accident, the mechanic profession, measures taken in the metro station in Istanbul and gave information about transportation safety.

Fevzi Maviş, who transported thousands of passengers to their homes and workplaces on the rails in Taksim-Hacıosman metro line, evaluated the possibilities of the train accident occurring in Spain and gave information about the precautions taken in the rail system transportation in Istanbul, the self-sacrifice and responsibilities of the mechanic profession.

Mavis, who is watching the images of the train accident in Spain, stated that there should be signaling on the high speed train line and if the system is not a problem, the mechanic might have been very tired.

“I watched this 3-4 times. There must be signaling on the high speed train line. There is probably. Signalization is also in our vehicle. Now our speed is 80 kilometers. The vehicle does not allow us to go above 80 kilometers, the system in any way. There, too, if a region that has to be passed with 80 kilometers is passed with 190 kilometers, it seems that the mechanic is not likely to do this. The vehicle is not derailed from the very beginning. The vehicle derails from the 3rd and 4th wagons. There is a huge difference between 80 kilometers and 190-200 kilometers. In a place with signalization, there should not be such a problem; There is signalization where there is a fast train. In a place where he should go with 80 kilometers, if they didn't set his target speed, if they set normal speed, there might be a problem. If there is no problem with the system, if it is related to the machinist, the direct machinist probably set off very tiredly; let him have a thoughtfulness like that. Otherwise, as long as the mechanic is not tired, as long as he does his job normally, the possibility of being absent is not in our business. Because we have to work with that consciousness with the trainings we receive and the work we do.


Expressing that the speed of the vehicle is evident in the bends in the Istanbul metro, Maviş pointed out that they should be very careful when crossing the scissor areas, the target speed is reduced in the switches, and the vehicle may derail according to the position of the switch, “The speed of the vehicle is clear in our bends. The speed that this vehicle will travel on is the same on straight or cornering. You won't go straight when you go from the area that is already bends. Inner and outer rail heights are different. We only have to be very careful when passing through the scissors areas. Because our target speed has been reduced while passing through the scissors. You pass at a speed of 30 kilometers and you have the possibility of derailing your vehicle depending on the position of the switch you are passing. We pay attention to these kinds of issues. Passing speeds through curved places is 80 on our main line Taksim-Hacıosman line. The normal speed limit here is already 80. On the Taksim-Hacıosman line, there is not much difference between passing through winding areas and a normal straight road. But if there is any train operation outside, then you should pay attention to the speed of the vehicle and not exceed the speed given by the signaling. When you exceed that speed, the probability of the vehicle derailment is very high. There is a high probability of derailing the vehicle, even if it is a straight road where you exceed the target speed. Safe driving is usually already in subways operation signaling automatically provides driving mode. Here, too, if there is an abnormal or extra situation, then we will intervene as a machinist. Our vehicle is in automatic mode. Our duty is actually to stop the vehicle with emergency braking or totman arm when there is a problem, to intervene in the area with the problem, the passenger overflowing from the platform, fire or evacuation of the passenger when we are in the tunnel in any power outage. Since our vehicle is currently in automatic mode, we only ensure that the vehicle can be safely lifted from the stops by means of a mirror. "When we look from the mirror, if there is no problem, we close the door and exit the station safely," he said.


Saying that all security measures have been taken in the entire Istanbul subway, Maviş said that scenarios and simulations for extraordinary situations were carried out on the days of the operation. Maviş said, “Generally, one finger rests on the emergency brake button while driving on the entire line. All security measures have been taken in the entire Istanbul metro. From the hydrant pipes, it is clear that we need to intervene with the necessary fans, the discharge of water in cases such as fire, flood, the fans that will prevent the smoke poisoning in the fire, where the fans will be operated and how the passenger will be evacuated. Hydrant goes along the entire line, and water goes in it. They have valves every 50 meters. We do the water drain from there. We have fans at the stations and throughout the tunnel. We also do smoke evacuation through them. Let's say; There is a fire between Sanayi-Dörtlevent. If I'm going to direct the passenger to Dörtlevent, we run the fans from Dörtlevent to Sanayi. The smoke never comes to the Industrial side and goes to the Dörtlevent side. We take the passenger to Döertlevet and carry out the evacuation from there. The scenarios of these are constantly being done. Fire scenarios are carried out every 112-2 months, one night until the morning after the operation is over, and we simulate what we need to do in case of any attack. We are constantly getting their training that; When we experience something, let's do the intervention as soon as possible and in the fastest and most undamaged way ”.


Maviş stated that they stopped the vehicle in case of a position that should stop the vehicle in case of danger.

“After stopping the vehicle, medical assistance may be required regarding the danger area, an ambulance, police, fire department may be required. By making radio talks about this, getting help from friends in the control center and directing us; we will either stop the vehicle or move the vehicle. For example, we have a problematic passenger, he got sick and we will not be able to intervene at this station. The control center directs the ambulance crew to the next station, and we tell our other passengers in our vehicle that the 112 will intervene at the other station and take it to the next station. Let's say there is a problem at the station we are in. Then we do whatever we need to do without moving the vehicle in any way. For example, if there is a fire, we need to evacuate when the electricity is cut off, we choose the nearest station, we want the security team from here. After the security team arrives, we evacuate our passengers safely from the walkways in our tunnels, provided that I am the last person to leave the vehicle. "


Expressing that he should pay attention to everything including his private life with the responsibility of providing service to million people in Istanbul, Maviş said that even the guest who came to his house had come according to business life:

“I serve 15 million people in Istanbul, where 15 million people live. While providing this service, I have to think about every person out of 15 million when I am going to experience anything. That's why I have to pay attention to everything. So I have to pay attention to my private life. If guests will come to my house, they come or not according to my business life. If I am going to work in the morning, no guests come to my house in the evening. I mean, people around me pay attention to this, and I also pay attention. Because I have a sleep hour, I have to get that sleep so that I don't have any trouble working here. Because we are at work at 06.15 in order to start the 05.15 in the morning. I get up at 05.25:04.00 to be at work at XNUMX. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the sleeping patterns and home life; When we come here, we should not have any difficulties with the people we serve, and there should be no setbacks while serving.


  1. Instead of a friend who works as an engineer in the metro system, I believe that an employee who is also an engineer at TCDD can give more accurate comments.
    However, there are two different signaling cross-sections at the site of the accident. Moreover, the signaling systems of the metro system and the TCDD signaling systems are different in terms of both operation and infrastructure.
    Levent bey you would pay attention to these issues.

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