The Turkic Council Will Meet To "Bring Distant Nearly"

Turkish Council to Meet for "Closing the Distances": Transport and connection issues will be discussed at the 15rd Summit of the Turkish Council, which will be held in Gebele, Azerbaijan, on August 16-3, with the participation of President Gül. We focused on the Caspian crossing. A truck coming out of Central Asia should come from Iran, instead of passing through Russia, by using the Caspian crossing.

Turkish Speaking Countries Cooperation Council (Turkish Council) member of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey, of great importance will meet to discuss the steps to be taken in the development of concrete cooperation in the transport sector.

The 1992rd Summit of the Turkish Council, established in 2009, will be held in Gebele, Azerbaijan on August 3-15, as an extension of the "Turkish Speaking Heads of States Summits" process, which has been held since 16 in order to encourage comprehensive cooperation between Turkish-speaking countries. At the summit, which will take place with a new cooperation theme, as in previous years, the concepts of “transportation” and “connection”, which will open new doors for the Turkish world, will be discussed.

Foreign ministers will meet on August 15, and heads of state on August 16, following the work of expert groups on the subject and meetings of relevant ministers. President Gul will also go to Azerbaijan tomorrow to attend the summit meeting and hold various talks.
Baku, Aktau and the sister port of Samsun

As part of the preparations for the summit, transport ministers gathered in Baku last month, signed a cooperation protocol and memorandum of understanding. With the memorandum of understanding, a sister port relationship was established between the ports of Baku, Aktau and Samsun. In the meeting, it was decided to establish an authorized coordination board by resolving the problems that may arise. The incentive of Caspian-transit transportation in the east-west transport corridor is expected to contribute to the increase of bilateral trade and the emergence of countries' transit potential.

One of the important topics to be considered within the scope of the summit is the works in the field of customs. At the meetings where the heads of customs administrations meet in Nakhichevan and Istanbul, it is aimed to prepare the ground for facilitating customs procedures within the scope of the “Single Window” system.

These decisions and decisions taken in other areas throughout the year will be presented to the presidents' approval at Gebele Summit. During the summit, a cooperation protocol is expected to be signed between the member states' foreign ministries.
Uninterrupted transportation from China to Europe

Halil Akinci, the Secretary General of the Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking Countries, told the AA correspondent that the works of the Turkish Council were primarily focused on eradicating the problems, if any, and then bringing the cooperation to a more advanced point.

In this framework, Akıncı stated that the solution of the problems encountered in the transportation field, which he defined as "bottleneck", is of great importance, and he tried to develop cooperation in the area chosen as the theme of the summit.

Akıncı reminded that transport ministers signed a cooperation protocol and the Transport Coordination Board was established:

“We focused on the whole Caspian crossing. A truck from Central Asia should come from Iran using the Caspian crossing instead of passing through Russia. Our goal is to remove non-physical barriers first. Subsequently, infrastructure works for both road and rail continue. We have already brought together Baku-Aktau port authorities for cooperation. There is a regular ferry traffic between Central Asia with Turkey, both as a transit service, we aim of the most effective treatment for bilateral trade. "

Akıncı stated that with the regular ferry services from Aktau to Baku, the completion of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway and the implementation of the Marmaray Project, Akıncı said that the goods loaded from China can go to Europe without interruption. He reported that it affected negatively. Central Asia from the back of a truck in while the average rate in Turkey, pointing been identified as 17 kilometers Raiders, this quickly is not possible to profit, he said he had to go at least 60 kilometers per hour this figure.

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