Turkish youth has been declared a hero

The Turkish youth has been declared a hero: A drunken 20-year-old in Stockholm, Sweden, recently lost his balance and fell on the train track on the subway. Shouting 'Help', the young man lost consciousness after a while. 23-year-old Turkish youth Serhan Çetin saved the young man who was lying on the rails at the last minute at the cost of his life before the train arrived without hesitation.

Speaking to the Swedish media, Serhan Cetin, 1 years before arriving in Sweden, a fugitive immigrant, the train tracks to the rescue of a man from the pocket to the side of the jerk was reported to be shaken.

Stating that he was very impressed by this incident, Çetin said, “I was going to the language course at that time and I watched the ugly incident on the internet at school. The inhuman event remained in my mind. "To remind that immigrants living in Sweden are not like those snatchers, I rescued the unconscious young man without hesitation by showing that humanity lives in our hearts."

Source : I www.haberturk.co

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