2 Burglary Arrest Arrested

📩 25/11/2018 18:57

Two Burglary Suspects Stealing Cables from Train Line Arrested: Two of the 2 people who were arrested and detained by the gendarmerie allegedly stealing the cables from the train line in Bilecik's Osmaneli district, were arrested by the court they were taken from and sent to Bilecik M Type Prison.
Osmaneli District Gendarmerie Command teams, which increased their patrol activities due to the stealing of the cables in the section of the Eskişehir - Istanbul railway line, which was closed due to the High Speed ​​Train works, İçmeler It caught HM and GK, who cut cables from the train line, in the red, and AB on the road with iron cutting shears used for cutting cables and some equipment used for cutting. After the gendarmerie interrogation, EU, which was understood to be unrelated to the incident, was released after his testimony, while the other suspects HM and GK, who were transferred to the Osmaneli Courthouse, were arrested yesterday evening after their testimony at the court and were sent to Bilecik M Type Prison.

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