Native Goods to Traffic Stalking Will End the Monorail System (Photo Gallery)

The Domestic Goods Monorail System Will End The Traffic Hassle: It is aimed to solve the transportation problem in metropolitan cities with the "monorail system", which is completely produced with domestic facilities in the factory established in Düzce.

Çilimli offers an advantageous alternative to the means of transportation such as metro, tram and metrobus in urban areas due to the fact that it is able to produce one hundred percent domestic monorail, electric motor, rubber wheeled cars manufactured in the factory in Çilimli, and its low cost.

4-5 meters from the ground will move on the steel platform above the monorail, rain, mud, snow and hail will not be affected by adverse weather conditions. Passengers with 18 seats will be able to watch the beauty of the city and the environment.

It is aimed to reduce the traffic density with the "monorail" system, where urban transportation will be only 1 lira.

Sabahattin Celik, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Turkarge Transport Co, told AA correspondent that the monorail system can serve 24 hours per day for public transportation.

Emphasizing that the number of wagons can be increased depending on the size of the project due to its locomotive feature and the energy consumption is very low, Çelik said, “For example, a 20-kilometer line passenger costs us only 2 kurus. Apart from the fact that its design and production is 81% local, the construction period is very short. The initial investment cost is very low. Of course, therefore, operating expenses are very low. That is why we are ready to establish the system everywhere in XNUMX provinces with the "build, operate, transfer" model. "

-The flashing will end

Steel, standing passengers, not all of the passengers sitting by specifying that the travel, gave the following information:

“The feature of this system is only urban because it is wheeled and electric. Its top speed is 85 kilometers. It can easily climb the 10-15 percent slopes that a car can climb. That's why we don't need to build anything like a tunnel or a viaduct. The distance between the two columns is around 18-20 meters anyway. Since it goes 5-6 meters above the ground, it has advantages such as not being affected by rain, snow, mud or any natural events. It is a system that does not have environmental pollution as it works with a completely electrical system.

The traffic ordeal will come to an end with this project. This is our aim. The monorail system is an alternative to all transportation services such as metrobus, tram and metro in Istanbul. In addition to being 100 percent local, its commercial speed is very high. While no system technology company can bid with the build, operate, transfer model today, we are easily ready for such an offer. Istanbul's problem cannot be solved otherwise. Today, the search for metro or metrobus will definitely not yield any results. Systems with very long construction time and cost. Therefore, our tool primarily in Istanbul, Ankara, the population in Turkey, including Izmir as they can be attractive even for metropolitan provinces with the lowest. "

-Intra-city transportation will be 1 lira

60-70 million dollars per kilometer cost in the metro system that attracts attention Steel, the system in question from the construction cost of 3 million dollars did not exceed the installation, he added.

Stating that “We aim to reduce urban transportation to 1 lira for any route,” Çelik said, “You can also take this as a commitment. If we start this system in any city, we will carry it with only 1 lira and we will not raise it in the next 10 years. "We know that we will get back the investment we invested here, still far below our estimates."

Steel, said:

“The motors used in this vehicle are electric servo motors. Servo motor is used as a drive motor for the first time in the world. The feature of the servo motor is an intelligent system with feedback. So there is no driver in any of the train we do. We program it completely and put it. We can command the vehicle to 'go 10 kilometers, 3 meters, 1 centimeter or millimeter'. There are very soft start and stop accelerations. Even if you stand on one foot in the vehicle, you will not fall or be shaken.

Even if the city network is cut, this vehicle has the ability to travel at least 10-15 kilometers, thanks to the batteries hidden in the wagons. Therefore, our vehicle will not be affected by power outages of a few minutes, a few seconds or 10 minutes. "

Pointing out that the demand for the system has increased, Çelik said that they made forecasts with 3 metropolitan municipalities and that they expect delegations from abroad from Ukraine, Nigeria, Lithuania and Iran.

Emphasizing that they want to borrow one-twentieth of the investments made for the metro, Çelik said, “Let the state do not hurt. We'll repay it in 3-4 years. We borrow, pay and carry. And the people should travel here for half the price, ”he said.

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