Description of the top-of-the-line ropeway project

Topbaştan ropeway project statement: Kadir Topbaş, in response to a question about the ropeway project planned to be built in Istanbul, stated that they have organized the transportation systems in Istanbul within the transportation master plans and that the transportation networks are ready.

Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş who examined the Maltepe Coast Filler Area Project on site, answered the questions of the press members.

Topbas, Maltepe Municipality stance against the project, stating that, ut I hope that this may not come from the shame today, the Mayor of Maltepe, does not come from the shame of the future. Because, unfortunately, the opposition, politics, whether or not small-minded, narrow views make an assessment. Unfortunately, we have always seen this. Ma

A person on the phone that he talked with at Bayram'da Topbas, said:

“This person told me, 'Mr. President, I am a revolutionary person and I was in these movements during my university years. But I saw that you are making the biggest revolution. You realize our works that remain in our slogans. That's why we support you. ' An understanding that kills so many brave people and gives them their due. I thank them here. However, some of them do not see all the work done, they even say, "What have they done in Istanbul for how many years?" What is it called that? Citizens already see this. At the ballot box tomorrow, the citizen will make an assessment. The people of Maltepe will probably make their decisions about their presidents at the ballot box while using this area tomorrow.

Cable car project planned for Istanbul

Topbas said that, in response to a question about the ropeway project planned for Istanbul, transportation systems in Istanbul were organized within the transportation master plans, and the transportation networks were ready.

In order to evaluate the Istanbul Bosphorus crossing in both touristic and human pass-through, Mr. Topbaş stated that they had started the project and that the project would come from Mecidiyeköy to Altunizade, and then they thought they would involve Small and Large thickets.

Topbas, the system will be connected to the metro stations and the hourly 6 thousand passengers will carry by expressing, bağlantı Currently reached the tender stage. We will start by reviewing our final decision in the coming days. The connection between the European-Anatolian side and the bridge, Marmaray and the connection with the cable car are very important and meaningful. On the other hand, when we look at the nostalgic and touristic sense and passenger carrying capacity, we think it will be an important contribution and we are giving the start. Diğer

In The region needs this project “

When asked by a journalist about the risks of the area created as a result of filling work, Topbas said that there were similar studies in many parts of the world and that Manhattan was a former ucu New York dump Bir.

According to the needs of the city is made according to some arrangements Topbas, formerly behind the coast, and this is expanded by the work of filling the roads have been made and said that this point.

Topbas emphasized that the region needs to produce spaces where people can meet their needs, emphasizing that there are no accommodation facilities in the area considering the possible earthquakes and other conditions.

The work in the Yenikapı 700 is a thousand square meter work that expresses Topbas, said:

Farklı Yenikapı is a little different from here. There, especially in the area where people live near 2 million people, collectors, waste water treatment in the Yenikapı pre-treatment and deep discharge system in the direction of the work we do in terms of turning to the biological treatment. Because we need a very serious biological treatment area here. In this respect, we started a study. This landfill will both become an area of ​​activity in the region and will allow the establishment of this type of facility.

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