Tailored rail system for her aunt (Photo Gallery)

Rail-mounted for her aunt: Aydınlı Mustafa Karakulak, a once-a-week 67-year-old patient with dialectomy, who had been on dialysis for three days a week, laid the rail system for Necibe Argın, costing 10 a thousand liras.

His nephew Karakulak, who built the rail system when his aunt had difficulty in moving his aunt to the dialysis service because the land where their house was located was uneven, stated that his only expectation was 'blessing'. Necibe Argın, who has been sick and bedridden for 13 years, was touched by his nephew, wife and family claiming to him and said, “I have no comfort in me. May Allah be pleased with them. Let it be in your pocket in the evening, get a thousand in the morning. " she prays.

One of the best examples of taking care of the elderly and those in need of care, one of the biggest wounds of the society, is experienced in the Soğukoluk village of the Çine district of Aydın. Çineli Mustafa Karakulak takes care of his lonely step-aunt with his family. Necibe Argın, whom she cared for at home with her husband, father and mother, and her brother-in-law, carried her on her back to the dialysis vehicle for 4 years. His nephew, Mustafa Karakulak, found it difficult to carry his dialysis patient aunt with his handicapped vehicle on their backs as they were getting old on the road of more than 30 meters in order to bring his dialysis patient aunt to the service in the village house where the vehicle did not enter because the terrain was rough, and because his aunt was also uncomfortable, she found the solution to the rail system. Stating that her step-aunt has diabetes and kidney disease, she has not seen her eyes for 13 years, and she is in need of care because one of her feet was amputated, Mustafa Karakulak said, “We made this system for Aunt Necibe to live her life comfortably. All we ask is that he pray for us and my family, that is our greatest kazanour s. We established this system because we could not take our aunt to the village road, which runs uphill from in front of our house. We use it, now my aunt is very comfortable. He goes on dialysis three days a week. Previously, we were able to set out with three or five people, and it was difficult for my aunt and for us. Now a person takes my aunt and leads her to the dialysis service. Most of all, my aunt was relieved. All we want is his comfort.” said.

4 xnumx year on the road back to the snowdrop carrying the 30 meter steep road, indicating that his son found this solution because he could not carry the old Hasan Karakulak, elik I set off on my back four years, now I can not get old when I get out. Will my wife's older sister love her rose and throw her thorns? We are doing our best. We will also look until it dies. Öl

Necibe Argın, who prayed for his followers and his eyes from time to time, was bedridden, but thanks to those who own the gentlemen were not comfortable with him said. Necibe Argın stated that he was taken care of by his brother-in-law and family because he had no one to take care of his wife after he died. Any more than that? They'll target Mustafa, I'll pass in front of him. I like it so much. Our bride and all of them. I can't be with them if it's not my brother. I'm not comfortable with the gentleman. They've been looking at 7 for years. I'm sick of you. They're pushing the button, I'm on top of the train. A woman had an 7 child. Someone wasn't there. These are my own. 13 is the year I saw my eyes, they look at me. May Allah bless you a thousand times. One in the evening, one in the pouch, one in the morning. Thank goodness, alhamdulillah.

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