TCDD Passenger Transport Map

tcdd passenger transport map 3
tcdd passenger transport map 3

Shuttle TCDD Map: average share of railways, railway lines is about 2% throughout the passenger transportation market are used yl Turkey 45 active. Considering the major medium and long routes, the passenger transport share from the passenger transport market is calculated as 21 on average. This rate goes up to% 50 on some tracks.

A double outline (Eskişehir Express) 01.01.2012 units (Haydarpaşa-Adapazarı) were canceled from the date of 8 within the scope of Ankara-İstanbul YHT Project. 01.02.2012 double outline (Anatolian, Ankara, Fatih, Başkent, Cumhuriyet, Sakarya, Meram Expresses) and 7 regional train services operated between Haydarpaşa and Adapazarı were canceled since the date of 16. The Eastern Express has been canceled between Haydarpaşa-Ankara Express, the South Express and Van Lake Express.

MAP UPDATE: 17.11.2018

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