Intelligent Transportation Systems All Over the Target Country

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım stated that the 11th Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Council will provide an opportunity for Turkey to review its targets in areas such as maritime, transportation, aviation and communication, and continued as follows:

“Are the effects of the past global crisis over or are they still? What will be the next possible developments and goals? These will be covered. From 2009 to 2013, we will measure the level of realization of our own targets. What have we done so far? Next, we will review our goals.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

In communication, we had set a target for 2023 in 2009. We see in 2013 that these targets were insufficient. We set a target that we will reach 2009 million broadband subscribers in 30. In 2013, 20 million have no past. Obviously, in 2023, this will not end with 30 million, it will go much higher. The situation is the same in the development of mobile internet. Therefore, we will review these targets from scratch and we will discuss our new targets, one step for the next five years and another level for the next 10 years, by discussing them in detail.

Stating that the main theme of the Transport, Maritime and Communication Council was determined as "Access to everyone, fast access", Yıldırım said, "What we mean here is to spread the transportation all over the country. Even to bring the quality of the transportation infrastructure to the same level in the regional sense. You can make the perfect transport horse structure in your own country. But if the transportation networks to other countries, starting from your neighboring country, cannot meet the same standard, we will not achieve the goal here. For this, we are gathering international councils. We especially invite the countries in the region, neighboring countries, and the countries they are connected to here, where we can provide the same quality, the same safety factors, the same accessibility ”.

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