Intelligent Transportation Systems (Video)

Intelligent Transportation Systems on All Sides of the Destination: Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, 11. Council's Maritime Transport and Communications of Turkey's maritime, transportation, aerospace, to reconsider their goals in areas such as communication stating that provides an opportunity, he continued:

Eri Are the effects of the recent global crisis over? What will be the next possible development and goals? These will be discussed. From 2009 to 2013 we will measure the realization level of our own targets. What have we done so far? After that, we will review our goals.

In communication, we set the 2023 on 2009. We're looking at the 2013, which is not enough. 2009'da 30 million target to reach the number of broadband subscribers. 2013 in 20 million past. Obviously, in 2023, this 30 won't stay in million, it's going to go up a lot. The situation in the development of mobile internet is the same. Therefore, we will review these targets from the beginning and we will discuss the new targets again, one stage for the next five years and another stage for the 10 year. Dolayısıyla

  1. Yildirim said that the main theme of the Transportation, Shipping and Communication Council is söyleyen Access to all, quick access to all erk and said, “Our aim here is to spread the transportation around the country. To bring the quality of transport infrastructure to the same level. You can make a perfect transportation structure in your own country. But if the transport networks that go to other countries starting from your neighboring country cannot provide the same standard, we will not reach the goal here. For this we collect internationally. We are particularly invited to the countries of the region, neighboring countries and countries in which they are connected so that we can provide the same quality, the same safety factors and the same accessibility. Bölge
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