The first mortar was laid on the Şentepe cable car line

The first mortar was laid on the Şentepe cable car line. The ropeway equipment will arrive in Ankara with 150 TIR from abroad.

Metropolitan Mayor Melih Gökçek, Yenimahalle Metro Station and Shentepe between the construction of the ropeway will take place in the work of excavation and laying said that the work. Gökçek stated that they aim to open the ropeway until the elections next year and said that cabins and electronics are being prepared abroad. After the construction of the station, Mr. Gökçek stated that they aim to assemble the technical equipment that will come with the 150 TIR as soon as possible and gave the following information:


Ini We are working hard on the ropeways for the cable car that will greatly relax Yenimahalle traffic. Excavations started at 4 of our construction site with 3 station. 700 in the first station, one thousand in the second station, one thousand in the third station and one thousand square meters in the fourth station. Our stations will be the best quality stations in Europe. All stations at the 800 meter height will have an elevator and a two-way escalator. 5,5 will be mounted directly for the transport system. Taşıma


The ropeway system can be used easily by disabled, elderly, children. In Ankara, the system will work in synch with the metro and will help to relieve the traffic and will not overload the roads.
For many reasons such as ropeway construction, investment cost and technical dimensions, it has more advantages than 'tram, light rail and metro' systems. Fer


Gökçek argued that the traffic accidents and plane accidents in the world were examined as the safest public transportation vehicle and the ropeway was coming to the foreground. It is located in Oregon (USA), Caracas (Venezuela) and Rio de Janerio.

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