Sarımeşeliye High Speed ​​Train torture (Photo Gallery)

Sarımeşeliye High-speed train torture: Kartepe'nin now a neighborhood of citizens in Sarımeşe, imprisoned at home in the weekend.

After the last rainfall, the only place that provides connection to Sarımeşe bridge filled with water, no authority to come and call the water because of the emptiness of the citizens could not move. In the region where high-speed train works continued, the only underpass to which Sarımeşe was passing both pedestrian and vehicle was filled with water after the last rains. On the bridge where the minibus and the six high vehicles can pass, low vehicles are fitted to the water barrier. The citizens who had to cross the road had to reach the top of the bridge by climbing the uneven terrain.


The citizens of Sarımelı stated that under the bridge the ground was in the pit and water gathered in every rain. When the last precipitation was over, the water remained there even though the days had passed. The evacuation of the water, the municipality to evacuate, the call to the contractor was unsuccessful.

As such, Sarımeanlı's torture and torture fell.

The negation of the construction of the high speed train for the modern journey was reflected to Sarımeanlı. The upper part of the bridge, parallel to the high-speed rail route asphalted asphalt, the only way to the yellow bridge with water filled with water, the torture of the citizens is not understandable.

Sarımeşe residents said, kış We do not want to think of winter as we are experiencing this torture. How do the students go to school go to school?, He asks.



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