Sharon Street Cries

Şarampol Caddesi Crying: Şarampol crying 5 years ago, Şarampol Caddesi shopkeepers who had a hard time due to the narrowed road and sidewalk with the tram passing through the street, many tradesmen went bankrupt because their citizens did not come to shopping. Stating that even the 80-year-old companies in the region have liquidated their jobs due to the rail system excavations that started, the tradesmen said that many businesses operating on the street where the tram passes have not been overtaken or closed with bankruptcy. I DO NOT GO TO THE POLITICS HERE 'The tradesmen on the street that made a statement to our newspaper, said, “The tram line should not have gone through here, but it happened once. Sidewalks on opposite roads were narrowed. The citizen who has difficulty walking on the sidewalk has no way to turn around and look at the store. Tram trades finished. To 100 lies the workplace either closed or changed hands. "It would be a better decision if my street shopkeepers, who have lost their charm, did not visit any political parties before the upcoming local elections."

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