Şanlıurfaya Trolleybus

Sanliurfa Thought to think of making trolleybus: Sanliurfa's public transportation problem instead of rail, tram, trolleybus, electric and rubber wheels instead of proposing the idea of ​​the art was considered as the intention.

The source of funding for the financing of municipalities in Anatolian cities when they are solving public transportation problems The World Bank officials considered the trolleybus which is an outdated illusion in the world rather than the rail system.
The first, established in Germany trolleybus system in 1882, 1947 was established in Ankara in Turkey for the first time in years.
Trolleybuses, which were removed from the 1979-1981 in Ankara, and in 1984 in Istanbul, are being tried to be re-marketed in the Anatolian cities for nonsense reasons.
The trolleybus system, which the World Bank feasibility experts put forward without any logical reasoning, works by feeding the familiar electric wheelchairs from the electricity grid along the route.
Located obligation to use existing avenues trolleybuses, working in heavy work periods in Turkey, they need to tire maintenance, due to power outages due to the response seen frequently on the road and having been removed from the company.
The proposal of the World Bank, which also proposes trolleybus to the Şanlıurfa Municipality, which tries to solve the problem of public transport, without any investigation, causes serious reactions to the public.
Subject-sensitive experts say that trolleybus can no longer be mentioned in modern cities, instead metro and trams, which are faster and safer, will not be discussed.

The imposition of the trolleybus, which is an outdated transportation vehicle in the world, to the Anatolian cities, is thought to have an impact on the major automotive companies that have deprived it.

Source : http://www.urfahaber.net

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