Tram in 26 restarts voyages after hours

Tram in 26 after the hour again began voyages: Samsun Atakum district of Samsun on the first day of the flood after the flood of life began to return to normal life in the county.

The rail system, which is the most important public transportation vehicle in the city, could not work after the flood and the citizens had difficulty in going to the places they wanted on the first day of the festival. Following the flood, the Metropolitan Municipality teams started to work in an intensive operation, while evacuating the flooded houses and workplaces and on the other hand tried to clear the rail system line for transportation. SAMULAŞ said in a statement, the teams' 26 hours after the uninterrupted operation of the rails were cleaned and the first time between the University-Gar in the morning began to be said.

On the other hand, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality 2 sewage truck, 6 channel machine, 6 construction equipment and 50 personnel, Fire Department 17 motopomp, 9 fire truck and 35 staff continues to perform cleaning work throughout the district.

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