Thieves stole the locomotive in Russia

Thieves stole locomotive in Russia: Metal thieves stole locomotive in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia. According to a statement from the police station, thieves sold the locomotive as scrap at least 20 times cheaper.

Determining that the two people stealing the locomotive police, the thieves at least 10 years of imprisonment, said they would be tried.

The police said that the 5,5 million rubles (170 thousand dollars) locomotive, 300 thousand rubles (9 thousand dollars) were found to be sold, he said.

Metal thieves stole a locomotive in the region in 2005 as well. Another thief in the northern part of Russia stole the metal bridge and sold it as scrap.

Last week, another thief stole the 82 traffic sign and sold it as scrap.

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