We are ready to help you to break down the station bridge without interruption

We are ready to help the station bridge to be demolished without the hassle of the tram service: We are ready to help Metropolitan Municipality Council Development Commission President Ayhan Kavas said in a statement about the collapse of the Station Bridge, K TCDD is responsible for laying a new line for the continuation of tram transportation before the station bridge collapses. Metropolitan Municipality is ready to show all kinds of assistance and support to TCDD about the destruction of the Station Bridge. However, although the tram services will be for a certain time, they will not be tolerated. Ancak Kavas said, Val TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman and the delegation accompanying him discussed the matter with both the Governor and the Mayor. The reconciliation as a result of these interviews is that it will be demolished by TCDD after the construction of the alternative route for the tram passing through the Station Bridge. Yap

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