Test starts in Marmaras (Video)

Test drives begin in Marmaray: Test drives begin in Marmaray, which is called the project of the century.
While the first Marmaray wagon is expected to be unloaded into the tunnels today and the test drive is expected to begin on August 2, the final checks are carried out on the wagons held at Sirkeci Station. their drive is expected to begin on 90 August. The authorities, who carry out the final checks on the wagons held at Sirkeci Station, are planning the first wagon to be lowered into the tunnel tomorrow. The 29 kilometer part of the Marmaray project, from Ayrılıkçeşme to Kazlıçeşme, is completely underground and consists of tubes placed at the bottom of the Bosphorus. Within the scope of the project described as the "Project of the Century", possible scenarios against accidents will be tested as of September. It is aimed to carry an average of 2013 million 2 thousand passengers per day with Marmaray wagons.



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