Tunnel of Marmaray (Video)

Marmaray tunnel: TBMs were used in two different ways between Ayrılıkçeşme and Üsküdar, Sirkeci-Yenikapı and Sirkeci-Yedikule. He worked on 5 TBM projects. 1 EPB type, the other 4 are also cementitious TBMs. EBP-TBMs (with close face shields and ground pressure balancer) were used only between Yedikule-Yenikapı (2,2480 m). The reason for this is the risks that may arise from the historical peninsula. Cementing TBMs were used between Ayrılıkçeşme-Üsküdar (2,4210 m) and Yenikapı-Sarayburnu (2,3072).
Sirkeci station (1500m), transition tunnel (350m), pedestrian crossing between tunnels (600m), Sumps (120m) were opened using the New Austrian Tunneling method. There are 3 stations under the ground. Yenikapı and Üsküdar and other underground stations were built with the (Cut & Cover) method. 994 meters were processed with this method.

Total excavated area 1 million m³
Total length 29.766 m.
Concreting: 265.500 m³
Temporary concreting 8.500 m³
Retrofit 22.000 tone
Temporary strengthening 7.000 tone
Formwork: 380.000 m²
Waterproofing 400.000 m²
Water supply 70.000 m.



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