The new rail system vehicles come down

The new rail system vehicles of the issue go down: Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Akyürek stated that the new rail system vehicles are continuing to be manufactured, and the first vehicles to be completed in 26 will be downloaded to the factory rail in August.

Tahir Akyürek, who came together with the municipality employees in the festival program, stated that the investments continued during the month of Ramadan and they continued to sign the mega-projects as Konya Metropolitan Municipality. Akyürek reminded that they continue to invest in the 1 billions as the Metropolitan Municipality.

In his speech, Chairman Akyürek mentioned about the main transmission line that will bring drinking water from the Blue Tunnel to Konya and he said that with the investment made with the pipes of 88 kilometers and 2.20 centimeters in diameter, the drinking water requirement of Konya will flow from the houses as well.

The new rail system vehicles to continue production in Konya, continued to be completed, the first vehicles 26 production in August to be reduced to the factory will record the trial President Akyurek, said that the latest model trams would start to come to the city in the year.

Alaaddin-Adliye between the new rail system line was made, indicating that the delivery of the delivery of the President Akyürek, the tender will be received in November and December 100 new bus will be delivered.

Konya is a city brand in Turkey, all these services the largest share of the municipal employees that belong to the President noted Akyürek's in the services they perform government, members of parliament, the support of organizations and people of Konya said they always see their side.

President Akyürek thanked the people on the watch on behalf of the people of Konya during the Ramadan and the holidays.

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