Keçiören Municipality Cable Car Facilities (Video - Photo Gallery)

Keçiören Municipality Teleferic Facilities: We continue our tour between Tepebaşı and Subayevleri, which has a different point of view to Ankara and the longest intercity line in Europe. Our total 16 gondola is 8 each. Our 20 lasting tour will fascinate you with its unique Ankara view X

Horizontal Line Length (Total Length) 1653 m (3306 m)
Height Difference 65,5 m
Rope Tensioner Type Hydraulic Type
Number of Cabins 16
Number of Passengers of a Cabin 8 Person
Speed ​​(Adjustable) 0-5 meter / second
Passenger Capacity (Ideal Speed) 384 person / hour
Engine Power 160 kw
Rope Diameter 46 mm
Opening Date (Trial Phase) 2007 November
Starting Date of Work 2008 April
Producer Company STM (İzmir)


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