The crossroads of the Black Train were ornaments of our parks and gardens

Traverses of the black train became the ornament of our parks and gardens: Wooden traverses, which have been used for years on railways and have recently been replaced by concrete sleepers, are considered decorative materials in the park, garden, promenade and picnic areas in Sivas.

The wooden sleepers were used by the Sivas Municipality Parks and Gardens Directorate on the shore of the stream as part of the landscaping work carried out in the Paşabahçe Promenade and Picnic Area. The traverses, which are laid along the walkways formed along the stream and at various points of the picnic area, create a beautiful view.

Sivas Mayor Doğan Ürgüp, in his statement to the AA reporter, stated that they used the wooden sleepers removed in the landscaping within the scope of the renovation works on the Sivas-Divriği railway line, “Iron pieces on the sleepers were dismantled, they were brought to various sizes and used in the promenade. We try not to put artificial things like concrete and iron in such a beautiful area, in a valuable area such as Paşabahçe. We have captured this beautiful view by using traverse and stonework together in landscape works by the creek. Our people are also very satisfied, "he said.

  • “Traverses of the black train became the ornament of our parks and gardens”

Emphasizing that naturalness is important in landscaping studies, Ürgüp stated that they aim to ensure that citizens spend time in a more natural environment, “Traverses of the black train became the ornament of our parks and gardens. Many of these sleepers were treated with oil and diesel oil. It is not subject to decay. Otherwise these would burn as wood. "The wooden sleepers were valued and we had a different nostalgia."

Expressing that they brought about 15 thousand sleepers from Divrigi district in landscape studies and 12 thousand of them were used in Paşabahçe, Ürgüp said, “We do not spoil the naturalness of these. The sleepers used here are not too shaved. If it is shaved too much, we have made an effort to use natural since it will not be different from a timber or a plank. We used it with little intervention. We created a different nostalgia. ”

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