Terrorist accusations against environmentalists in action for TAV project in Italy

The accusation of terrorists for environmentalists who are protesting for the TAV project in Italy: The activation of the High Speed ​​Train (TAV) project, whose preliminary studies have been initiated in the Susa Valley in Italy, has harmed the environment and has started a discussion in the country as a 'terrorist'. . It has been stated for the first time that such accusations have been faced against the protests on this issue for years, while the Italian Reconstruction Communist Party Ezio Locatelli commented, "Just like Erdogan's oppressive government."

'No TAV' (No TAV), one of the strongest resistance movements in Italy, which is formed by the combination of many non-governmental organizations, has been organizing protests, festivals, forums and occupations against the high-speed train project, which has been decided to be held between Lyon and Turin since 2005. Including Turkey, it found that frequent protests against the participation of activists from all over the world often harsh intervention of the police also sits at the center of controversy in the country. This project, which is supported by the European Union (EU), is opposed due to its high cost, it will lead to a nature massacre in the Susa Valley and to be taken away from the lands of the locals and farmers.

The No TAV movement also supported the Gezi Park activists and sent the message "Your struggle is our struggle".


Italian security forces also continue the detentions during the demonstrations with raids on the houses from time to time. In the letter of the Torino Prosecutor's office, following the protests that took place on July 10th, for the search of a house to catch 12 people the day before, the demonstrators were charged with “Terrorism or destructive attack”. While no weapon was found in house searches, some documents and computers were also confiscated.

Prosecutors accused of terrorist activity requiring imprisonment for up to 17 years, activists in the region began to pre-work on high-speed train construction sites that damage the police, using Molotov cocktails, stones, flares and paper bombs were used. All these materials, especially molotov, were accepted as weapons.


This accusation sparked controversy in Italy. The prominent argument came to the fore that the activists in question could not be labeled as terrorists because they used molotovs, that these actions were only a popular struggle and that they could be accused of harming public property or resisting the police.

Prosecutors' sources stated that they were not those who made peaceful actions in their objectives, but those who used these materials against the security forces.

Turkey also Weapons Bill in Parliament Affairs Commission created within the Sub-Commission in June, signed a regulation relating to the adoption of the law as a weapon threw Molotov.

The Italian Representative for the Communist Party of the Italian Restructuring, Ezio Locatelli, declared that they would apply to the European Court of Human Rights, which coincided with the "oppressive" practices of the Turkish government led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

A deputy from the Five Star Movement, which opposed to classical politics, asked Justice Minister Annamaria Cancellieri to explain whether this accusation has a legal basis, saying, "We cannot understand the normal citizens being included in the terrorist category."


Minister Cancellieri just said, "Our government intends to complete this important project." Some of the members of the movement say that their only crime is to protect their land and the economy, while the real terrorists are politicians and business people interested in putting money in their pockets.

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