The Iraqi Railways Delegation

Railways Delegation in Iraq Tüvasas: Iraqi Railways (IRR) Deputy General Manager, Salam Jaber Salloum, his delegation Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) General Manager Erol Inal visited. During the visit, the railroad cooperation between the two countries and the last situation of the passenger cars produced for the Iraqi Railways were examined.

Indicating that the development of railway transportation is very important for both countries, TÜVASAŞ General Manager Erol İnal underlined that the density of vehicles at border crossings will be eliminated with the realization of safe and economic railway connection with Iraq. Inal announced that the production of 14 passenger cars for Iraqi Railways is continuing and that these cars will be delivered within 2014.

Stating that they came to get information about ongoing railcar manufacturing TÜVASAŞ Salam Jaber Salloum, they would continue their cooperation with Turkey in the field of railways. Salloum stated that due to the events in Syria, railway transportation could not be done and safer railway lines should be built.

Salam Jaber Salloum and his accompanying delegation, Erol İnal and TÜVASAŞ officials gave information about the production stage of the wagons. The delegation was also informed about the Diesel Train Sets (DMU) produced for TCDD. Following the factory visit, TÜVASAŞ officials made a presentation to the delegation showing the technical features of the wagons produced for Iraqi Railways. TÜVASAŞ will produce 6 pieces of 4 pieces for Iraqi Railways, 2 units, 2 units and 4 units for different types of 14 wagons.

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