Silkworm's tests continue successfully

Silkworm tests successfully continues: Turkey's first local tram 'Silkworm' successfully passed the tests with approximately 38-ton curb weight.
It was observed that the rails were coated with 2-3 millimeter thickness pitches in some regions during the tests performed in order to see the failures that may occur on the line, and this layer fell off from the power because of the isolation of the current circuit.

The teams started the work on it, cleared the pitch covered rails. After the clearance of the 6,5 kilometer line, the tram has completed the seamless 5 tour without any problem.


Following the test drive closely, Mayor Recep Altepe, who took his seat in the seat of the Vatman last night, took the tram up to Atatürk Street.

Indigenous Bursa tram project is not a project of Turkey recalled that President Altepe, "Silkworm, illustrating the point that it was an important piece of Turkish engineering. The failures seen in the ongoing test drives are eliminated immediately. So far, no major problems. We can say that the empty ride is completed smoothly. Now tests will be done with sandbags and 1 will launch the voyages after months. Already get good Bursa '' he said.

Local Tram Project Consultant Taha Aydın claimed that the stop of the tram at some points during the test drive was deliberately distorted on social media, claiming that there was a group in Bursa that wanted the project to fail.

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