Trolleybus road in Russia can be opened for restricted use

In Russia, the trolleybus route will also be restricted: Duma will re-negotiate the penalties for drivers using the trolleybus route.

According to Ria, Igor Lebedev, deputy chairman of Liberal Democratic Party lawmakers and State Duma, prepared a bill that would allow drivers to watch 24 from 7 to XNUMX at night on the roads reserved for trolleybuses.

According to the Law on Administrative Crimes, those who violate the trolleybus line are fined a thousand rubles 1.5, Moscow and St. Petersburg. In St. Petersburg, this amount 3 thousand rubles. In late March, the Moscow authorities allowed drivers to travel on the lines reserved for trolleybuses on holidays and weekends.

Ya The bill makes sense, but we need to wait for the autumn first, V Vyacheslav Lisakov of the United Russia Party, the first deputy chairman of the Duma constitutional committee, said the leader of the Movement for Freedom of Elections. We read the bill at the Duma, return to the holiday, evaluate and decide accordingly. I personally do not object to this bill ”.

Source : the www.gazetem.r

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