First indigenous tram

The first domestic tram: The first test drive of the tram, which is produced with local resources and called İpekböceği, was made in Bursa. It has been announced that passenger flights will start after the trial with the load.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality will be produced and used in Sculpture-Garage T1 line under the supervision of Turkey's first indigenous tram "Silkworm" began on the test drive.

Within the scope of the driving, the prototype vehicle, which was first built in the city center to reduce vehicle noise, exhaust gas pollution and heavy vehicle traffic, and was exhibited in the City Square for about two months was removed. The tram to be operated later on the line was brought to Kent Square by truck. After the ramp was installed to lower the tram onto the rails, the "Silkworm" was lowered onto the rails and a test drive was carried out on the energized line for the first time.

After the completion of the preparations for about 3,5 months in the city, the door and stop distances were measured at the tram stops in front of Bursaray Osmangazi Station. The tram, which made its maneuvers smoothly, was taken to Darmstad Street. The first test drive of the tram, which moved on the street for a while, was terminated before it could be carried out as planned, as vehicles were parked on the rails.

Metropolitan Municipality Secretary-General Seyfettin Avşar, Local Tramway Project Consultant Taha Aydın and Burulaş General Manager Levent Fidansoy who followed the work with the Mayor Recep Altepe, said in a statement, the first time, even the test drive with the 750 volt energy reported.

Emphasizing that they are approaching the end of the T1 Tram Line works that will breathe in urban transportation, Altepe said, “The tram that was lowered to the rails was fed with 750 volt energy. All circuits were checked and we started the test drive. Trial tests will also be carried out with cargoes and we will start passenger flights in a short time. "Good luck to our scholarship already" he said.

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