Gülermak Warsaw Subway | Gulermak approaches the target in Warsaw Metro

📩 25/11/2018 19:14

Gülermak Warsaw Metro: Gülermak Regional Manager and Project Director Tuncer: - “The tender price is over 1 billion Euros and the subway is planned to run at the end of 2014. We started the rail laying process. We have completed all our stations except for our two stations "

The second line of the Warsaw metro, which has a Turkish signature, comes into play next year. Mustafa Tuncer, Regional Manager and Project Director of Gülermak, the Turkish construction company in the triple consortium, who announced that the project will be completed by the end of 1, with a tender price of more than 2014 billion euros.

Tuncer, AA correspondent, 2009 Italian and Polish partners in XNUMX together with the Warsaw Metro Second Line Design and Construction tender, recalling that all the tunnels will be completed by the end of this year, he added.

Tuncer said that the project consists of two parallel tunnels and 7 stations passing under the Vistula river, 7 kilometers long in the east-west direction. We started the rail laying process. We have completed all our stations except our two stations. ”
50 Turkish works in the project

Tuncer stated that approximately 50 Turks, mostly engineers and technicians, work in the project staff and stated that more than a thousand labor force is used together with the subcontractors.

Stating that there is currently a metro line in Warsaw, Tuncer said, “We are making the second line perpendicular to it. We have a total of 10 kilometers tunnel. As part of the project, the entire infrastructure of Warsaw city center was renewed and a factory was established to manufacture reinforced concrete tunnel segments. ”

Tuncer, Gülermak as part of the tender design, engineering, construction licenses, infrastructure transfers, the station's coarse and fine work, mechanical and electrical works, electromechanical systems, environmental regulation and operating in charge of the said, he said.
“Tenders are much more transparent”

In Poland, the rules of construction management theory is not very different from Turkey voicing Tuncer, he said:

"Rules are the same, though in theory much more transparent tenders by Turkey. The parties can examine each other's proposals and appeal. The payment plan, which is understood at the beginning of the work, does not go out of the way and the payments are made on time. While doing business, predetermined methods are used, decision changes are difficult at the last minute. Certainly no work can be done without very detailed technical study and method descriptions. ”

Tuncer added that Poland is an easily adaptable country for contractors who want to work in a safe and orderly environment.

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