President of Giresun Railway Platform meets with Pir Deputy MP Arrived

Giresun Railway Platform chairman Pir met with the MP came Geldi: Giresun Railway Platform President Sedat PIR, Giresun deputy Mehmet Geldi met with the weighted railway project, especially to invest in Tirebolu and evaluated the political developments.

Sedes PIR, Giresun Railway Platform chairman, Giresun deputy Mehmet Geldi especially with the railway, especially the political developments and investments in the Tirebolu particularly evaluated. .

Sedat PİR, the chairman of the railway platform, and the deputy chairman Nurettin Cnikli were shocked by the statements made by our deputy, GELTDİN. These statements are not possible to be accepted. Giresun railway platform as a correspondent will make a statement after the conversation with him as a platform and as NGOs We have always come to this day as a platform and especially with our deputy Nurettin Canikli have come in consultation with you.I have explanations. The route is the most economical and rentable itinerary that many scientists have reported.

What happened? .. What has changed?

Sedat PİR, the Platform President of the Platform, Deputy Chairman of the PDCI, asked the deputy chairman of the railway platform stating that it was a dream for Giresun to come from Trabzon. , MPs wanted clarifications and information from GELDI.

MPs CAME, We will hold a meeting.

Railway Platform president CAME deputies in the comments across Sadat patriarch's statements, stating that the EIA report is available in which we in Harshit Valley View allşkanvekili to talk in such a statement yaptı.şi Now if this issue when coming days and returned to Turkey in the UK I'll make a comment on their comments. I'll make a comment on their comments.

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