Minister Faruk Celik: Native Tram Silkworm Full Note

Minister Faruk Celik from Native tram Silkworm Full Note: Labor and Social Security Minister Faruk Celik, Turkey scored the first native tram ride tour of the city of silk produced in Bursa.

Minister Celik, giving full marks to the silkworm he was proud of, a young man parked on the rails because of the automobile facing the car and the protocol members had to wait for 40 minutes in the tram. After the minutes, the young driver removed the tool by coming to the Deputy Governor Vedat Muftuoglu, reacted by brush.

Labor and Social Security Minister Faruk Celik, Turkey's first indigenous tram Bursa Metropolitan Municipality participated in the silkworm produced under the leadership of the test drive.

Minister Çelik, who tried the silkworm after he visited Bursa Governor Münir Karaloğlu, received information about the tram from the authorities. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe stated that the T1 Tram Line is very important for Bursa and added: “Silkworm is one of the trams running in the most difficult conditions in the world. Everything is made in Turkey. Its design and software are all made in Turkey. Turkey's first domestically produced vehicles. Bursa set an example in this regard. ”

Minister Faruk Celik, stated that if Turkey is not the old Turkey and the technology to become open country, "Bursa's take steps to lead in this area is extremely important. I would like to mention that I am very proud to travel with a local tram. I congratulate all those who contributed. I wish more. There is no stopping in the technology, there are long distances to take. I hope we will do them together, İn he said.

Munir Karaloğlu Governor, said the rail system is important in solving the problem of public transport, he said.

After the speeches, Minister Faruk Celik, in front of the Sculpture Governor's Inonu Street followed by Uluyol on the Silk Road car. Information about the tram of the authorities Minister Çelik, said the design of the tram is very beautiful.

During the test drive, a car parked on a youngster on Uluyol paused to drive the tram. Despite the call of the police crews could not be reached because of the car Minister Çelik'in city tour disrupted. Due to faulty parking, the hammer, which was called late, prevented the vehicle from being removed. Approximately 40 minutes waiting in the tram Minister Steel, President Altepe and Governor Karaloğlu, waited for the vehicle to be removed as soon as possible.

The vehicle, which was left on the rails despite the warnings of the municipality and police teams before, negatively affected the test drive of Silkworm. Minister Çelik, after waiting for a long time in the tram, got off the tram and went to the street shopkeepers for a while. sohbet did. Minister Çelik, who did not refuse the photo request of the tradesmen, was waiting with the members of the protocol, while police teams and guards made an effort to find the driver of the vehicle. While the tow truck wanted to come and lift the vehicle, he apologized to the young police teams named Yunus, who was the driver of the vehicle, and asked that the vehicle not be connected.

The young driver, first to get out of the vehicle and ride the rails, police teams, the driver wanted to connect the vehicle to the hammer by downloading. Because of the long duration of this operation, the young driver got in the car again. In the meantime, Deputy Governor Vedat Müftüoğlu, V Ayıptır bu ya. Oh, don't. You've humiliated everyone for an hour. Which is left in the country on the tram rail in the country to go, Hangi he said.

In a panic situation, the driver who pulled his vehicle from the rails to the lane was criminally penalized, while police teams removed the car from the road. Minister of Steel and protocol members, took the tram ride again continued the test drive. Faruk Celik, after completing a delayed test drive at Kent Square, moved to his home with the tool of authority.

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