Eastern Black Sea railway project

Eastern Black Sea railway project: CHP's Karaahmetoğlu came out harsh on the statement of the AK Party Group Deputy Chair Canikli for the railway route, "Gümüşhane-Tirebolu route is a landslide zone and not economic": Mr. Canikli did what the Trabzon lobby said!


The Eastern Black Sea provinces are eagerly waiting for the railway project, the AK Party group vice president and Giresun deputy Nurettin Canikli'nin explained routes, caused the Trabzon crisis in the province. Canikli, "the first railway route from Gümüşhane to Tirebolu and from there to Trabzon, the route, but the Gümüşhane route is not the landslide and Gümüşhane route map" CHP Giresun deputy Selahattin Karaahmetoğlu hard.


Karaahmetoğlu, ına Mr. Canikli lied to his people in Giresun. He said that the railway project, which was planned to pass through Tirebolu, was not realized because it was a landslide. But the experts said that the ratio was the appropriate place for the railway. Canikli Trabzon lobby did what he said and the people of Trabzon took what they wanted ğ.

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