Diyarbakir starts its negotiation process in line with the Transportation Master Plan

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality started the negotiation process in accordance with the Main Plan: Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality restarted the negotiation process based on joint work in line with Diyarbakır Transportation Master Plan with private public buses and minibuses carrying out public transportation services.

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality since the 2004 zoning and transportation master plans, together with the plans to go to the planning stating that Baydemir, Diyarbakir Transportation Master Plan to determine the needs of transportation to meet with 30 thousand citizens, they perform traffic counts, they produce short, medium and long term solutions, he said.

Baydemir emphasized that they had entered public transportation service by public service and said oldu 300 minibus, transformation of 100 private public bus and collection under a single roof have been our efforts in previous years, it has reached a certain stage and unfortunately has been interrupted kamu.

Light Rail Works are ready for tender
Baydemir said, dâhil We have completed all the planning work including the light rail route and made it ready for the tender. We made an application to Iller Bank for credit, we continue our efforts for the loan to be released, while we are making attempts for a build-operate-transfer model. Kredi
Baydemir stated that there are efforts to realize the Light Rail System and to implement the existing public transportation system under a single roof, to be included in the common route and to implement it with the smart card system. re-launching the negotiation process, interrupted for comfort. For this purpose, we formed a negotiation commission consisting of urban dynamics. Bu

Baydemir said that they foresee the transition to the system in October and that they will discuss the following issues with the private public buses and minibuses in the negotiations:
- Collecting the entire public transport system under a single roof to ensure coordination of the public transportation service (in the form of a company, cooperative or room)
-487 public transport (municipal bus, private public bus, minibus) to provide alternate service on all routes
-To ensure that all bulk transport service works with smart card
- Ensuring that the vehicles become 0-1 age group and environmentally sensitive
- Ensuring that all public transportation vehicles are adapted for disabled access
-Working system on hourly basis, providing service until late at night in urban traffic and creating smart stall system at which time the citizen will be informed about where the vehicle will pass.
-To ensure that all vehicle drivers in public transport are trained
- Ensuring all vehicle drivers in public transport to be insured
- Creation of a system in which all the public transport vehicles can collect their needs such as maintenance, repair and spare parts collectively.
Emphasizing that they have started the interrupted work again, Baydemir said that they expect the support and contributions of the people with their cooperative administrations and members.

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