Horror at İZBAN Train Station

IZBAN train station horror: Izmir Suburban Line (İZBAN) Demirköprü station jumping in front of the train, the rain, 16-age Özer committed suicide. Eyewitnesses said that the young girl jumped in front of the incoming train while he was talking on the phone.

The event took place at Izturk Demirköprü Station at 15.30. Allegedly, waiting for the rain in the rain Ozer, Aliaga'dan from the train to jump in front of the direction jumped. Approximately 20 meters dragged under the train Ozer, died at the scene. Özer's lifeless body was found to be working in an oven near the station and was taken to the Izmir Forensic Medicine Institute for an autopsy.


According to eyewitness testimonies and investigations from the security cameras in İZBAN, it was determined that the young girl was talking on the phone when she jumped. So the teams, took a look at Yağmur Özer's phone.

As a result of the examination of the young girl who was the last to talk with whom it was specified. Ozer, who works as a bakery salesman, wanted to evaluate a job offer from a ladies' hair salon, but his family did not look at it. Police said the investigation was under way.




    1. We were living in the same apartment with Yağmur. Actually, she was a good girl, she was my best friend. May Allah make your place heaven. I am so sorry I lost my best friend. My Yağmur, let your place be a paradise!