The sand of the Gulf is being evaluated

The sand of the Gulf değerleniyor: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), together with the realization of the Rehabilitation Project carried out with the cooperation you will find both the Gulf life will increase the capacity of both the harbor. Dense clay and sand which are not found in heavy metals can be used in a wide area from agriculture to construction, urban transformation to coastal design project.

In the works within the scope of the "Izmir Port and Gulf Rehabilitation Project" carried out by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with the goal of "Floatable Gulf", the lack of heavy metal in the screening material coming from the Gulf turned its eyes into the subject of how to use this material. İZSU General Directorate decided to start project studies with universities in order to investigate the use of screening material that will come out of the circulation channel to the north of the Gulf in agriculture and construction. İZSU will sign a contract with Ege University Faculty of Agriculture in the coming days to conduct research on the usability of screening material as agricultural soil. Stating that the material to be released can be used in parks and gardens after being desalinated, and in the Harmandalı Solid Waste Storage Area as cover material, İZSU General Directorate officials said that thanks to their work with the university, the use of the material will be investigated by enriching it with nitrogen and phosphorus. İZSU will also carry out a project with construction faculties and investigate in which area the screening materials will be used in the construction industry.


Reminding that the project is aimed at increasing environmental values ​​and achieving the 'Floatable Gulf' goal, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “If this happens, the capacity of our port will increase. The fact that there is no value in hazardous waste class in the screening material coming from the bottom of the bay strengthened our hand. ” he spoke.

Noting that approximately 25 million cubic meters of material will be removed from the circulation channel to be opened by the dredging vessel of Büyükşehir in the north of the Gulf, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “Our suggestions about the places where these materials will be poured are presented in the EIA report. 70 percent of this material is soft clay and 30 percent is sand. Our only problem is salt. But our biggest advantage is the land where we have a treatment plant in Çiğli. Here, we can carry this material to the recycling area we want to create and easily rehabilitate it with water from our treatment plant. All over the world, sea sand is desalinated and used in construction. The resulting material can be used as a soil improver in the improvement of stony land. Urban transformation projects and the Izmir Coastal Design Project may be other uses. ” said.


Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kocaoğlu underlined that they have been doing scientific research for 6 years in order to increase the ecological and economic efficiency of the Gulf. When the project is completed, the Gulf will return 80 years ago, and we will both increase the sea creatures and fish population, and will also provide economic growth due to the deepening of the Gulf. In all kinds of transportation in the Gulf, four times more economic income will be obtained than today. Most importantly, it is now possible to swim in the Gulf of Izmir. Therefore, this project will enable İzmir to regain its position as the most important port in the Mediterranean. There is no deterioration of natural balances and ecology. On the contrary, we will ensure the efficient use of the sludge to be removed and the increase of ecological vitality. ” he spoke.


With the navigation channel that will be opened along the south axis of the Gulf, clean water access to the Gulf will increase. Circulation channel to be created on the north axis will also increase the flow rates in this region. Water quality and biodiversity will be improved. The capacity of İzmir Port will increase and it will become the main port by starting to serve the new generation ships.


Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey's throwing Sludge Digestion and Drying Plant with its signature one of the most important environmental projects began construction process. The drying unit of the facility, which will cost about 60 million lira, was put into service. In addition to Çiğli, the treatment sludge in Aliağa, Foça, Menemen, Kemalpaşa, Güneybatı, Urla, Seferihisar, Ayrancılar-Yazibasi, Torbali, Havza and Bayindir, Doganbey-Urkmez and Ozdere-Gumuldur wastewater treatment plants will be disposed of. When the facility is put into service, the amount of sludge, which reaches 800 tons per day along with other treatment plants, will be reduced to approximately 4 tons by approximately 220 times. In addition, 92 percent dried muds can be used as “soil improvers” in green areas, land rehabilitation, agricultural areas or cement plants as additional fuel. Thus, the sludge storage process at the Çiğli Waste Water Treatment Plant site will end and these areas will be rehabilitated.

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