The money return period begins

The refund period begins in Bursaray: While the 3-establishment raise decision for Bursaray, which was taken 15 months ago by the Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME), entered into force as of Sunday, August 18, at the same time, the money refund application begins for journeys up to 5 stations. Citizens, who will pay 1.75 lira on boarding Bursaray, will receive 5 cents back if they have their cards read by the validators at the stations after their journeys up to 25 stations.

Transportation Coordination Center 5 May 2013'de his meeting, the full 1.60 lira Bursaray price of 1.75 liraya, 1.10 lira the student price of the 1.25 pound decided to be removed. However, considering the fact that it is not fair to pay the same fare for the passengers with two stops, Burulaş management decided to make 5 penny for 25 and 15 for students. However, there was no money back validator in the stations. After E-Kent placed the money back validators on all stations, it was decided that both the raise and money back application would be implemented as of 3 August Sunday. As of this date, the journey will be full 18 pounds, students 1.75 pounds, while the journey to 1.25 penny 5 penny in full tickets, 25 cents will be discounted students. In this way, until the 15 stop until the 5 pensions so far, citizens who pay the 1.60 liras after the short-distance journey will be made.

Implementation of the 18 will be implemented as of Sunday, August, indicating that Burulaş officials, all stations are placed in the money back validators reminded, 5 station to travel until the citizens of the card necessarily asked to read.



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