The Claim That Bozüyük Logistics Village Project Stops

Claims of Bozüyük Logistics Village Project Stalled: It was claimed that the works of Logistics Village Center, which is planned to be carried out in Bozüyük district of Bilecik and started to work in May, was stopped. It is stated that there is no work done in the project area for about 1,5 months.

According to the information obtained, the excavation work at the Logistics Village Center started in May. However, no studies have been conducted for a while and the unexpected pause has brought various claims. First of all, it was claimed that the works stopped on the grounds that the contractor firm did not pay its debts to the subcontractor firm. According to another claim, it was claimed that water came out of some parts during the excavation works and therefore the works were stopped due to some changes in the project. While the cessation of work in this important project, which is vital for Bozüyük, is a question mark in the minds, it is wondered whether the 1,5-month pause will cause a disruption in the project delivery time. In addition, it is estimated that the loss of time in summer, which is the best time for excavation works, may cause a delay in the completion of the project due to the intense winter months in the region. It was noted that the public is expected to make a statement from the relevant authorities on the subject.

Günceleme: 27/11/2018 17:48

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