Cost of Train in Bolu Karaçayır Park

Bolu Karaçayır Park Cost of the Train: Bolu Mayor Alaaddin Yilmaz, CHP City Councilor Erhan Beykoz'un, Karaçayır Park, rented from the State Railways, the cost of renting the train cost 300 thousand TL was a strong reaction to the claim. Yilmaz, "Turkey State Railways (TCDD) and total train with plenty of official protocol signed between the Municipality of 2 years 500 thousand TL is leased to," he said.
Last week Bolu Mayor Aladdin Yilmaz discomfort due to join unable to Bolu Municipality Assembly meeting in the Republic of Turkey's train set to Karaçayır Park State for Railways (TCDD), claiming that 300 thousand TL leased President angered Yilmaz. Yilmaz said, isi Thanks to Erhan Beykoz himself, he has a journalistic side, a city council and a Republican People's Party. This train costs 300 thousand TL a year, while I do not know which identity is used in making explanations. The locomotive we have installed in Karaçayır Park is a locomotive that comes to our province after a long period by first contacting the ministers and then the relevant ones, and this cost us 1.328 TL per year.
Mayor Yilmaz also said, UM We bought 2 wagons and these wagons will cost us 1.176 TL per year. So the total cost of the locomotive and two wagons in total is 2 thousand 500 TL. Now with these numbers, 300 caught the TL with a journalist identity? Did you catch with the city council identity? Or was it caught by the identity of the Republican People's Party? I don't know that. I do not find it very pleasing to see a municipal councilor, in such a funny way, to perform in the municipality and bring it to the public. But it is our municipal councilor and I would like to thank him for being someone who warned us about many municipalities in Bolu. But I think there is a bit of a shortage of numbers and I think a little math work, four operations should work. I hope that he will learn these things. İn
Municipality officials to put into a difficult position to put forward these allegations did not find the right to complete the words as follows;
Iz Also, I would like to say that we can take this locomotive and wagons to one thousand liras, we can buy 300 thousand liras or even 500 thousand liras. I mean, I'm sorry, but we've got it by corruption. If there is such a problem, the authorities and authorities are clear. I just don't find the statements given by a City Council member to make the municipality difficult. Official figures will be given at any time to anyone who asks for their documents. And finally, I have to say that I didn't want this locomotive and wagons just from the Minister. I wanted an airplane and a ship. I hope that they will come to them in time and they will make their accounts of what kind of figures they will make in them.



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