There is no evidence of an attack on trains in Europe (Video)

There is no evidence of an attack on trains in Europe: French Interior Minister Manuel Valls said there is no concrete information that Al Qaeda will attack high-speed trains in European countries.

The US intelligence service had informed European countries that Al-Qaeda was preparing to attack some European countries.

The French minister said that they had no such information:

Bir We've known the rumors over the last few weeks. But such a threat is not in question at the moment. There's no evidence to confirm that. We took some measures, but this threat is not aimed directly at France, but in neighboring countries. Bazı

Media reports in the US secret service, the intelligence of the al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri'nin said it obtained a phone call.

Germany, which increased security on the train lines after the warning, announced that there is no need for security measures to cover all the high-speed train network.

Due to a similar attack preparation, Washington had decided to close some of its embassies in Africa for a short time.

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