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Transportation in Antalya Free on the Day: 40 red bus with the official plate of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, nostalgic tram with Antray, free service to the citizens during Ramadan Feast.

In a written statement made by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, it was stated that the necessary measures were taken for the citizens to have a comfortable and peaceful Eid al-Fitr, and that many units, especially the police, fire brigade, Antalya Water and Waste Water Administration, will work during the holiday.

During the festival, the staff of the Municipal Police Department, pre-festive food and beverage production at the workplace that will increase their audits announced in a statement, the teams also from the day of the festivities in the Uncali and Andızlı cemeteries during the day, the public will take the necessary measures to visit the graves were recorded.

The statement, the official plate 40 red bus, between Kepezalti and Meydan Antray serving between the museum and the old slaughterhouse between the nostalgia tram 3 reported that the day will carry free passengers throughout the day.

In the statement, it was stated that ASAT will have a team on duty in the face of any negativity that may occur in the water and sewerage services, and that the fire brigade will be ready with 11 different groups and 265 personnel, and 16 religious officials will be on duty in Andızlı and Uncalı cemeteries on eve and holidays.

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