Not the road to Ankara Need metro

Ankara does not need a road, but a subway: The Municipality says that the connection road, which will also pass through the METU Forest in Ankara, will 'ease traffic'. ÇMO President Bozoğlu and ŞPO President Uyar said that roads are not a solution and point to the subway.
100 is the connection road project between Anadolu Boulevard and Konya Road which is planned to cross the border of METU Forest in Ankara. The year started in the neighborhood.

As the protests against the road continue, the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality plan says that the previously approved work will "ease the traffic of the Capital City". Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek on his Twitter account said, “Why would they be against? He says, since the one who understands.

Baran Bozoğlu, President of the Chamber of Environmental Engineers and Necati Uyar, President of the Chamber of City Planners, pointed out that the project will temporarily postpone the traffic problem and indicate the subway as a permanent solution.


Bozoğlu states that building new roads will not solve the traffic problem, but emphasizes that the rail transport system needs to be done:

“They haven't been able to finish the subway for 20 years, they eventually handed it over to the Ministry of Transport. Ankara is growing, population is increasing especially on the Eskişehir road, residences and shopping malls are being built.

“In order to solve the traffic problem here, they are doing road widening or opening new roads. There is no end to it. The thing that needs to be done by taking public health and public interest into consideration is to equip Ankara with the rail transport system. Unless this is done, these roads pass by METU today and through the center of Hacettepe tomorrow.

“The metro to be built from Kızılay on Eskişehir road will significantly reduce the traffic density. In addition, they can also make metro from Konya road towards Gölbaşı.

Bozoğlu emphasizes that the METU Forest is a protected area. Despite the municipality's statements that it will not chop trees, he points out that they will have to cut trees with this project and will harm nature.


Uyar says that the new roads will not be the solution to traffic congestion, the lack of subway as the reason for the congestion. 20 warning that the concrete results in traffic will emerge when the subway work is completed for years, questioning why the road began to be made şidmi.

Belediye The municipality under the administration of Gökçek has not attempted road construction so far, nor did it make the subway. The subway has reached its final stage and is trying to open the road when there will be no need for the road. He's doing it wrong.

“The road to be built now will pass through the border of the METU Forest. But there is also the way to go through METU, and we have always said that we are against it. Later, these roads will be asked to connect, METU will be damaged and it will cause METU to fall apart.

“The municipality also wants to implement zoning applications. They also have requests such as taking Eymir Lake, which has been owned by METU since the past. I think there are plans for METU in the background of road works. It seems that the municipality has an account of seizing a part of METU rather than a solution to the transportation problem.


The protests against the road were announced on Twitter with the # resistanceODTurkey and # AğaçKesmeMetroYap tags. METU Alumni Association, METU students, Anıtpark and 100. 19 took action in front of the General Directorate for the Protection of Natural Assets in August. The action ended with a red ribbon tied to the trees that were supposed to be cut down in METU Forest and written the letter K on them.

The actions will continue with the Al Take your Tent, Defend the Forest-Neighborhood cak event that will be held at the entrance of METU Forest in August.

25 for the event is 14.00 on August Sunday at 100. Meet the year market. The action called on social media “56 of the Constitution. article, the defense of the environment is the duty of the state and the citizen says. We are fulfilling our constitutional duty ”.

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