Railway support to Anatolian industrialists

rail support to the Anatolian industrialists: Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union (TOBB), which was established under the leadership of 93 rooms, exchanges and organized as joint of industrial Great Anatolia Logistics Organizations (BALO), begins to freight transport by rail.

The news of Şaban Gündüz:

BALO, which was implemented to solve the logistics problem in Anatolia, will transport goods to Europe 30 percent cheaper. BALO will fly to Munich and Cologne, and will lift the first train on September 8, 2013.

BALO will use the railroad from Anatolia for the first time in freight transportation, and will reach to Bandırma by passing trains from Manisa, Eskişehir, Konya and Ankara. From there, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications will be connected to the main railway line with the railway connection between Tekirdağ and Muratlı. Turkish products will reach Europe, former Eastern Bloc, Scandinavian, Baltic, Middle East and CIS countries. BALL and Manisa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Bulent Koşmaz project with Europe, the Middle East and Turkey's geopolitical advantages Located said they would turn to the logistical advantages in the Asian axis. With this model, the industrialist to increase the competitiveness of the logistics sector that aims to bring vitality Koşmaz, BALO is not competing in a certain sector and the group by highlighting the Republic 100. 500 billion dollars will contribute to the export target. BALO stressed that the railway transportation will accelerate the General Manager of BALO Hüseyin İşteermiş the train from Manisa will carry the load to Cologne on the day 12 said. 30 overloaded the 45 HC PW (High Cube Pallet Wide) containers that will use the 2014 transportation, 5'de weekly reciprocal 875'e, 2015'ye, the number of containers, said 2015'ye. BALO's 2016 goal is to ensure integration with the Scandinavian Viking Train. BALO, which plans to start domestic railway freight transportation at 3, will increase the number of containers at XNUMX to XNUMX per thousand, and will start trains to İpek and Baharat. Loads from Europe, in the same way as a transit through Turkey to the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula to the Hejaz railway line will be transferred to the Far East via the Silk and Spice.

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