AK Party Delegation Visited Tudemsasi

AK Party Delegation Visited Tudemsasi: AK Party Sivas deputies Hilmi Bilgin and Ali Turan TÜDEMSAŞ General Directorate visited.

AK Party Sivas Deputies Hilmi Bilgin and Ali Turan TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors visited his office received information about the activities of the company. Koçarslan provided information about the company's 2013 and 2014 activities with the introductory film and slide presentation about TÜDEMSAŞ.

The deputies and the accompanying delegation visited the wagon repair and railcar production factories and then went to the workers' cafeteria and ate their lunch together with the workers.

Speaking during the visit AK Party Sivas Deputy Ali Turan, son We examined the last one year activities and studies of TUDEMSAS. The visible change in a year made us happy. We are planning to turn TÜDEMSAŞ into a company that has 5 bin employees together with its sub-industry organizations. We listened to our workers. We have seen workers, trade unions, management compliance. This made us happy. "said.

AK Party Sivas Deputy Hilmi Bilgin: ve We have visited and seen the changes and positive developments in the short time experienced in TÜDEMSAŞ. We were pleased to see TÜDEMSAŞ in a position to act as a big brother for the companies operating in the industry and similar sectors in Sivas. It is a good thing to see TÜDEMSAŞ, who has more than a thousand employees, back to their old days and to see them in unity and solidarity with their workers, engineers, managers and trade unionists. Recently, we will buy 105 workers for TÜDEMSAŞ. I hope this will be a start. We will always provide the necessary support for investments. ”TÜDEMSAŞ is closing, TÜDEMSAŞ is privatizing“. We are trying to expand and develop TÜDEMSAŞ against those who want to spread a fuzzy air in Sivas. We make the necessary investments. This will be a start. Hopefully, according to the demand for the recruitment of workers from TÜDEMSAŞ will continue after that TÜ.

TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Yıldıray Koçarslan expressed his satisfaction with the visit and said, “Our deputies visited the production stages of our factory and saw them on site. With our employees sohbet they did. They listened to our problems. I thank them very much for their visit ”.

During the visit, the Chairman of the AK Party Burhanettin Kuru and the Central District Chairman İsmail Çapraz'da took place.

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