Statement Regarding the Suspension of the Tunnel Construction on the Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Train from the State Railways

State Railways Explanation on the Stop of Tunnel Construction on the Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Railway: General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD), Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Railway, the tunnel stop and variant in tunnels number 26 in the second stage. The contractor announced that he had nothing to do with the company.

The General Directorate of TCDD made a written statement regarding the cessation of tunneling and making a variant in tunnels no.26 in the second stage of Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Road, which is in a newspaper today.

In a statement made, Eskisehir-Istanbul leg of the three-mile, twenty-five tunnel opened and the part where the tunnel Turkey in terms of geology and physical geography so far railroad was stated that the most difficult cuts made.

In the process of construction and opening of each tunnel, technical experts, universities and foreign experts in accordance with their reports on the construction of the ground-based technique were recorded. Other tunnels in the direction of the technical and scientific reports are expressed in the statement that the process of opening tunnels without any problems stated.

It was noted that while the six-kilometer-long tunnel opening process was ongoing, the construction of the tunnel 26 with soft ground was stopped and the ground was re-examined to examine whether it was risky due to the slow speed of the tunnel drilling machine.

The statement continued:

“Therefore, while the scientific / technical process related to the tunnel continues, a variant is made as an alternative to the tunnel route 26, considering that the inspection, measurement and reporting process will also take time to open the line within the contract period. While all the procedures are continuing, it has been decided by the experts of our organization that the re-opening process can be started in the tunnel in line with the reports prepared by universities and foreign experts. Stopping the tunneling process and making the variant is due to the reasons explained above and has nothing to do with the company.

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