2. Towards the International Rail Systems Engineering Symposium

  1. Towards the International Rail Systems Engineering Symposium: 2. The International Rail Systems Engineering Symposium will be held on October 9-11.

Karabuk University (KBU) Rector Prof. Dr. Burhanettin Uysal said Turkey in parallel rail technology in the world to evolve.

Explaining that Karabük is progressing rapidly towards becoming a valley in rail systems, Uysal said:

“In this field, Turkey's need for qualified manpower is to be trained. Accordingly, in 2011, it was decided to open the first and only Rail Systems Engineering Department in Turkey within the body of the Faculty of Engineering of KBU. Rail systems technologies are of great importance among today's public transportation systems. kazanwas. The fact that it is cheap, safe and environmentally friendly compared to other transportation methods allows people to prefer rail systems technologies”.

Uysal, increasing research collaborations in the development of rail technology in Turkey and attention could be possible by the creation of new discussion pulling the finished by saying:

“It is envisaged to bring together industrial organizations and public institutions and organizations in this field, to identify the problems and to evaluate them in a scientific environment. In this context, the second of the Rail Systems Engineering symposiums will be held in KBU. Within the scope of the symposium, rail construction, production, technologies, rail vehicles, high-speed trains, subway and light rail systems, bogies, rail system standards, optimization, vibration, acoustics, signaling, maintenance-repair, human resources, safety in rail systems will be on the agenda.

Source : haberciniz.biz

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