11. Headings from the Transportation Meeting (Photo Gallery)

  1. Headings from the Transportation Council introductory meeting: Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, with the theme leşme Transportation and Fast Access to the Destination Ulaştırma ından 11. It is preparing to realize the Transportation Maritime and Communication Council.
  2. In the Transportation Council, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, with the motto ”Target 2023“, with the theme of ”Transportation and Fast Access to the Destination“,'n 11. It is preparing to realize the Transportation Maritime and Communication Council.

Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, met with members of the press at the Social Facilities of the Coastal Safety General Directorate. At the press conference, all the bureaucrats under the ministry were present. Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yildirim at the press conference; 11. He stressed that the Ministry of Transport was the first of the Shura organizations, which were re-rules in the process of renewal and structural change of the ministry. "10. I would like to share with you a determination that I believe is stuck between the lines of the Transportation Council, but not taken into consideration, Yıldırım he said.

Minister Yildirim, the last 10 year-over-year transfer of operations plus the national budget with all the investments made by 192 billion pounds, stating tamam In other words, our Ministry has invested a billion dollars 100. The amount of investments in road, railway, maritime, aviation and communication in the last decade. It's just our ministry. If you include the municipalities, 140 is around a billion pounds. When we add the projects that the private sector does, we are talking about an investment of 300 billion liras. Turkey, communications and transportation infrastructure last year 10 300 billion pounds has made an investment. Two-thirds of this was done by our ministry. Bun

Targets inadequate in communication

Lightning, 11. Maritime Transport and Communications Council's Turkey's maritime, transportation, aviation, noting also would provide an opportunity to review the objectives in areas such as communications, said: "We have you finished the effects of the global financial crisis late, he did continue? What will be the next possible development and goals? These will be discussed. From 2009 to 2013 we will measure the realization level of our own targets. What have we done so far? After that, we will review our goals. In communication, we set the 2023 on 2009. We're looking at the 2013, which is not enough. 2009'da 30 million target to reach the number of broadband subscribers. 2013, we've passed 20 million. Obviously, in 2023, this 30 won't stay in million, it's going to go up a lot. The situation in the development of mobile internet is the same. Therefore, we will review these targets from the beginning and we will discuss the new targets for the next five years, and another for the 10 year.

Access to everyone, quick access

Yıldırım said that the main theme of the Council was. Access to all, quick access ur and said ”We mean the spread of transportation throughout the country. To bring the quality of transport infrastructure to the same level. You can make excellent transport infrastructure in your own country. But if the transport networks that go to other countries starting from your neighboring country cannot provide the same standard, we will not reach the goal here. For this we collect internationally. We especially invite the countries of the region, the neighboring countries and the countries in which they are connected, in order to ensure the same quality, the same safety factors and the same accessibility. Bölge

Shura will be opened by Abdullah Gul

Participation of local and foreign representatives, academicians, experts and non-governmental organizations is expected to be held at the Istanbul Congress Center between 5 and 7 September. In addition, those interested in these issues can also participate in this important event by registering at www.ulastirma surasi.gov.tr ​​or at the entrance of the Congress Center on the opening day. Formerly the 10 yearly organization will be held once a year. 5. 10 after the Transport Council The 4 will carry its vision to 2023 during the year. On the first day of the 2035 event will be held with guest ministers to discuss the possibilities of cooperation in the round table. On the second day, with the participation of sector representatives and experts; road, rail, marine, aviation and space technology, communications, urban transport and Turkey in the field of pipelines a total of seven parallel sessions will be held on 3 view presentations and assessments in these areas.

Transportation, evaluated the 2023 target with the current state of Maritime Affairs and Communications area, by making use of the professional knowledge and experience 2035 The road map will be obtained from the Council meetings in which conclusions are drawn, Turkey hereafter throwing light on the transportation and communication policy "Strategy Papers" for applicants will supply. 5 09: 00 will open its doors to visitors at 11 on Thursday, September. 7 will end with a Gala Dinner on Saturday, September.

Highlights at the press conference

5 thousand people will be held in September is expected to fold. By the 1557 delegate, the 3500 page report was prepared for the preliminary work of the Council. The Transport Council can also be considered as a common mind project. 10 billion TL has been invested in 300 annually by the Ministry of Transport (with the contribution of private organizations). Karayolluna investments began to give results. In the past feast, traffic accidents have decreased by 18. With the increase of control on highways, these accidents are planned to be seriously prevented.

Two different studies carried out by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications were also discussed. The first of these; aim, within the borders of the Republic of Turkey and the European Union's TEN-T system in the nature of the extension of Turkey multi-mode (multimodal) transport network (Core Network) Project identified as Tina development. Based on the 2004 year, the current transport network of our country has been examined and projections have been made for 2020 year according to transportation modes. Accordingly, in 2020, the share of rail in total passenger transport (according to the reference scenario) is estimated to be 2,2, while it is foreseen that if long-term investments can be completed, it can be as high as 4,1. In freight transportation, it is foreseen that the rail share may increase to 9,3 with the exception of transportation by pipelines. The other study is the Transportation Master Plan Strategy study.

The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications has also included parallel findings in the study prepared in 2004. However, the Strategy Document states that it is possible to increase the share of rail to 2023 for 20 by emphasizing the importance of freight transport.

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