Transportation in Istanbul: No miraculous solution

Transportation in Istanbul: There is no miraculous solution: There was an important news about Istanbul yesterday again: It was planned to construct a tunnel to enter from Kazlıçeşme on the Rumeli side and exit Göztepe on the Anatolian side. The main feature of the tunnel is that the cars will drive.
The sites citing the news put the headline “Istanbul traffic will relax”. Because the road, which takes 100 minutes, will drop to 15 minutes.
After this good news come to the facts: Friends sorry, but Istanbul traffic will not relax!
I am not saying that it should not be done. I never think so. I have an objection to just saying “it will relax”, that's it! Let me try to explain why I think so ...

If you don't go, it goes
You know, Mayor Kadir Topbaş said the other day, "Metrobus is not enough anymore, we need to make a metro."
What are we doing? Metrobus just hit the gas 6 years ago in 2007. In March 2009, Avcılar-Söğütlüçeşme connection was established. How quickly it overflowed?
Let me tell you how it was full… Since autumn 2006, I have not been removing my car unless it is mandatory. The ferry, engine, bus is doing my job.
I had to see my dentist Cüneyt Evirgen the other day. I would go by metrobus. Then I jumped into the car for a change. It took 60 minutes between Selamiçeşme and Bahçelievler.
Fortunately I did. Because the metrobus going back to Zincirlikuyu was terribly full. It was not possible to ride. So I was going to have great difficulty at the exit.
When I saw this situation, I came to my mind: How was this nation going to Mecidiyeköy when there was no Metrobus?
Answer: Most were not going!
Just because the BRT works and it's relatively cheap, they're going where they didn't go!

mysticism sohbeti
I am at Söğütlüçeşme around 18.00 one day. I'm waiting for the train. A man in his 30s came to me. He got to know me. We started to talk.
He was sitting in Avcılar. He was making a living by importing junk from China. He would go to Kartal. For what; trading?
No visit: There was a knowledgeable teacher. Sufism several times a week sohbetthey were doing. He was going there! "Isn't it hard?" I said. “No, it's easy with the BRT,” he said.
If there was no BRT, this friend is he sohbetHe would either not go to the south or he would go less often.
The basic idea in this example is that every transportation opportunity creates its own customer. (And vice versa.)
Let's not be in vain…
The fate of the Kazlıçeşme-Göztepe tunnel will not be different either: those who do not go to that side now or those who use buses, ferries or something ... When the tunnel becomes, it will start to go with its own vehicles.

Think of the motorcycle
Result: The tunnel will be clogged. The trip will take 100-60 minutes even if 70 is not minutes. And there was an accident and the tunnel was blocked; burned the smiley of halva!
Shouldn't it be tunneled? Sure it should be done. But let's know this: There is no easy solution in Istanbul transportation. There is no miraculous "We did-solve" formula.
What more can you say ... I need to improve the motorcycle culture, I say. Since it has a lot of roughness, it would be fancy to deal with bicycles. But he can develop projects to lighten traffic on a motorcycle.

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