Rail system should be placed in Kömürhan bridge project

Kömürhan bridge project should be placed in the rail system: AK Party Deputy Malatya Mustafa Sahin, Elazig on the Euphrates River in the new bridge project will be held in Kömürhan said that the rail system should be placed.

Deputy Sahin, X Malatya-Elazig 578 meter length of the tunnel tunnel connection of the Coal Bridge with the construction of the road was tender. However, this project is an important project for the region. I think it should be placed in the rail system especially on the new bridge to be built in Kömürhan. Considering that the transportation between Malatya -Elazığ provinces is increasing day by day, considering the rail system that will be needed in the following years will be integrated with our vision especially 2023. The rail system on the Beylerderesi Viaduct located at the western exit of Malatya province has been neglected or ignored in the past. However, the installation of the rail system at the new bridge in Kömürhan will close an important gap between Malatya and Elazığ. ”

Şahin said, “There is a coastline close to 1 kilometers especially when coming from Kömürhan Bridge towards Kale. If we pour the stones and soil from the new bridge construction to the coastline in a healthy way, there will be a beautiful green area or park area in that area. We will also work on this issue. This will be an area that will be instrumental in resting especially those who travel between cities..

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