Construction of pedestrian underpass was stopped

Construction of the pedestrian underpass which will pass through İZBAN has been stopped: Construction of the pedestrian underpass, which was started to be constructed at the end of 2012 and planned to pass under İZBAN line, was stopped due to the dispute between the Metropolitan Municipality and the contractor. Construction was expected to be completed by 6 in July İnşaat

Within the framework of the project of upgrading the Aliağa-Menderes railway line to the subway standards, the work on the pedestrian underpass to cross the pedestrian crossing between Şemikler and Yalı neighborhoods was started in December of the 2012. 1 698 thousand 750 lire 6 XNUMX the end of the construction of the project, the end of July XNUMX leaving the work in July, leaving the construction site materials and vehicles took off. Şemikler District Headman Bahar Zengin said that the wire fences drawn between Yalı Mahallesi and Şemikler neighborhood made the lives of the citizens living in two neighborhoods very difficult. difficult road. With the start of construction from the beginning of the year, all the inhabitants were hoping for, just as they dreamed of completing the construction, the contractor quit and left. No one makes a statement on this issue, the neighborhood came to our door, this is how we will end when we are wailing, we do not have any information is quite difficult, '' he said.

THE SUCCESS was given

Within the scope of the Aliağa-Menderes Rail System Development Project which aims to ensure safe access for pedestrians and uninterrupted transportation in terms of railway traffic, closing the level crossing between Şemikler and Yalı neighborhoods has caused thousands of citizens to be killed. For many years, tradesmen and citizens who have been doing business in the region have taken actions to solve the problem, but the problem has not been solved. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu'nun the neighborhood people to solve the problem of reminding the residents of the 'word of Honor' reminded the residents, '' the years before you come to solve the problem I'm going to solve all the 'Word of Honor' said. That's where I stayed. Mr. Büyükşehir Mayor to keep his promise to keep the promise, if this problem is not solved we know what to do in the crate, "he said.

Due to the frequency of İZBAN flights, Karşıyaka 4.00 TL construction of the contractor firm when we say that the level crossing that connects the neighborhoods and the Yalı neighborhood with concrete barriers will often be solved.

leaving the half of the two neighborhoods of the victims and citizens are causing the reaction of the neighborhood.


The headman of Şemikler Mahallesi Bahar Zengin said, Muh We made interviews with İZBAN and Science Affairs officials. Authorities say the contractor cannot leave the job. We told the municipal authorities that the closure of the level crossing was a problem without the completion of the underpass. We wanted the concrete barriers removed until the underpass was finished. The municipality said that they understood the demands of the people and they would work to solve them. We look forward to hearing from them. Our people and tradesmen are experiencing great discomfort.

Once the Kula Factory was at Salhane, the factory workers would go out at Yalı Station and meet at the bazaar. The Yalı Station and its bazaar, which is the meeting place for whom some who will see it, are waiting to meet with their old days again with the lower pedestrian crossing which is expected to be completed now. Yalı Mahallesi and Şemikler The Izban line, which is the biggest problem of the neighborhoods in the last period, and the passage of the closed area, has recently become the center of anger and actions.


Because of the trouble they experienced in these two neighborhoods, the 33 collected a thousand signatures for the underpass. There was no action on the rails, when the authorities took the decision and the construction of the underpass began. While the construction is underway, the waiting neighbors, who are curious about what kind of an image will appear when they are finished, are now frustrated with the construction stopping. Expressing that he could not give meaning to the Yali neighborhood muhtarı Ahmet Shentir, the upper passage formed on the railway, especially the elderly and uncomfortable citizens said the transition pass, said: üst This railway has always been in the neighborhood since its inception, but this has never been so distressed, I hope this subway construction is completed as soon as possible to get rid of troubles again, because here the merpen and the old and old people are very troubled for the people who returned from shopping exchanges, '' he said.

Between the two neighborhoods 10 thousands of citizens closely related to the construction of the pedestrian underpass will be completed in six months with the dream of day citizens, 6 the end date of the contract in July, the contractor firm's neighborhood muhtars' Büyükşehir'ın can not do the project, the municipality does not accept the project I prepared, I'm quitting the job, 'he pulls his tools and materials from the construction site is disappointing.

Metropolitan authorities, the contractor firm to do what to do while knowing what to do with the job started to leave the job is not correct to solve the problem, but the work of the citizens continued to resolve the grievance reported.

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