Construction of Pedestrian Underpass to Pass through İZBAN Has Stopped


The construction of the pedestrian underpass that will pass through İZBAN has been stopped: The construction of the pedestrian underpass, whose construction has started at the end of 2012 and is intended to pass under the İZBAN line, has been stopped due to a dispute between the Metropolitan Municipality and the contractor. The construction was expected to be completed on July 6.

Within the scope of the project of upgrading Aliağa-Menderes railway line to metro standards, the work on building a pedestrian underpass on the level crossing between Şemikler and Yalı neighborhoods was started in December 2012. Yörük Construction, which received the tender for 1 million 698 thousand 750 liras, left the area on July 6, the date of completion of the project, by taking the materials and tools from the construction site. Stating that the wire fences drawn between Yalı District and Şemikler District make the lives of the citizens living in two neighborhoods quite difficult, “The life has become more difficult after these wire fences have been pulled, and it is quite difficult to climb up and down. a hard way. With the commencement of construction from the beginning of the year, all the inhabitants were hopeful, the contractor gave up the job and left while he was dreaming of the end. Nobody makes a statement about this issue, the neighborhood comes to our door, and when this will end, we cry out, we have a hard time since we do not have any information. ”

THE SUCCESS was given

Within the scope of the Aliağa-Menderes Rail System Development Project, which aims to ensure safe passage for pedestrians and uninterrupted transportation in terms of rail traffic, the crossing of the level crossing between Şemikler and Yalı neighborhoods has made thousands of citizens victimized. For years, tradesmen and citizens who have been doing business in the region have taken actions to overcome their problem, but the problem has not been solved. Reminding that the Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu gave the 'People's Promise' that he would solve the problem, the residents of the neighborhood said, “I come to us years ago and I am giving you the 'Promise of Honor' that I will completely solve the problem you are experiencing. Where is this promise? We can not behave in a way that he did not keep his promise to the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, and if this problem is not resolved, we know what to do in the ballot box. ”

Due to the frequency of İZBAN flights, Karşıyaka The construction of the contractor firm is 4.00 TL, when the level crossing problem that causes the action of the citizens will be solved by closing the crossing with the concrete barriers that connects the Şemikler and the Yali neighborhood. Leaving it halfway, it causes the reaction of citizens and headmen who are victims of the two neighborhoods.


Şemikler Mahallesi Muhtar Bahar Zengin said, “We had meetings with İZBAN and Science Affairs officials. Authorities state that it is not possible for the contractor firm to quit. We told municipal officials that it was a problem to close the level crossing before the underpass was finished. We asked to remove the concrete barriers until the underpass was finished. The municipality said that they understood the demands of the people and will work to resolve them. We are waiting for news from them. Our people and artisans are experiencing great discomfort. ”

Once the Kula Factory was in Salhane, factory workers would get off at the Yalı Station and meet at the bazaar. Yalı Station and its bazaar, which is the meeting place for those who will see, are waiting to regain their old days with the lower pedestrian crossing expected to be completed now. The İZBAN line and the closed level crossing, which are the biggest problems of the Yalı Neighborhood and Şemikler Neighborhoods, have recently become the center of anger and actions.


Because of the trouble they experienced in these two neighborhoods, they collected 33 thousand signatures for the underpass. There was no action on the rails, then the authorities decided and the construction of the underpass began. While the construction was continuing, the neighborhood, which was curiously waiting for what kind of image would appear when it was finished, was now frustrated when the construction stopped. Stating that he could not give meaning to what happened, Yalı Mahallesi Muhtar Ahmet Şentiirk stated that he had barely passed through the overpass built on the railway, especially for the elderly and uncomfortable citizens. The construction is completed as soon as possible and we get rid of the troubles again, because the stairs here are both upright and very troubled for the elderly and the people who come back from the market shopping. ”

With the dream that the construction of the pedestrian underpass, which closely concerns 10 thousands of citizens between the two neighborhoods, will be completed in six months, the citizens who count the days on the 6th of July, which is the end date of the tender, cannot accept the project that I prepared in the municipality, I am leaving the job, '' he is disappointed when he pulls his tools and materials from the job site.

Metropolitan authorities, the contractor firm to do what to do while knowing what to do with the job started to leave the job is not correct to solve the problem, but the work of the citizens continued to resolve the grievance reported.

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