Sakarya's Transport Master Plan 18 completed after monthly work

Sakarya's Transport Master Plan 18 was completed following the monthly work: The Transport Master Plan 18, prepared by the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, was completed following the monthly work. Prepared with the plan every month the average 1200 vehicle participated in the Sakarya traffic is expected to relax and address the next 30 year. Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Fatih Turan stated that with the prepared plan, radical changes will be made in Sakarya Transportation and the master plan can be integrated to cover the whole province.

Emphasizing the importance of the Transportation Master Plan, which will be submitted to the approval of the council members in the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Council in September, Fatih Turan said, “With the Sakarya Metropolitan Law, the Transportation Master Plan is an important project that can be integrated with the national road and railway network passing through our city. is the plan. In this context, the plan will reveal a vision regarding the public transportation system, traffic, parking lots, bicycle paths and pedestrianized roads in the city ”.

Turan stated that the Master Plan of Transportation will be presented to the approval of the council members in September and said: X In this plan, we attach importance to the 3 E rule, namely to be economic, integrated and ecological. We've renewed our entire fleet. All green vehicles. In addition to these, it is envisaged that in some places in the city center, pedestrianization will be provided. We will go to the arrangement of dolmus, one of the most important problems of the metropolitan cities in our country. Carrying with them is not both economical and environmentalist. With a tram or bus you can carry hundreds of people at the same time, but with these dolmus, 7-8 means that people are transported at the same time. An arrangement will be made in the dense parts, but this type of transport will continue in places where there is little demand. We have renewed all our buses. In some sections, central parking lots will be organized in some places where one-way double-direction changes will be made. In the statistics, more space is needed for vehicles that are not moving vehicles. Transportation and traffic are one of the most important problems in our country and the metropolitan area. We make costly investments such as making new roads, renovating the public transport fleet, making rail system. Mr. Zeki Toçoğlu, the Mayor of our Metropolitan Municipality, is making serious investments thanks to his brilliant attitude. The purpose of transportation is not to drive automobiles and vehicles from one place to another, but to collect people. In this sense, pedestrianization, ramp applications for disabled people, smart junctions, in some places will be expanded pavements, traffic circulation will be changes, parking lots will be made. We aim to establish a public transport network that is safe for everyone. Herkes

Turan pointed out that the number of cars has increased continuously due to the increasing level of welfare in our country. Today, the number of vehicles in our city has exceeded a thousand 200. When we took office 200-4 years ago, this number was around 4,5 thousand. This trend will continue this way. There are no new roads and roads in the world. Of course, the new roads will be made, but our main goal is to carry people safely because we are giving priority to public transportation Yeni.

As regards the light rail system, Turan said: ı Approximately 60 of the metropolitan population resides in Adapazarı, Serdivan, Erenler and Arifiye. We also work for Yenikent District. We had various feasibility studies on urban rail system. We have conducted various studies between Yenikent and Adapazarı, Erenler-Serdivan and Adapazarı Erenler. When we look at the criteria in this area, light rail system or metro is not foreseen for Sakarya today, but we will reach these criteria by 2023. As of today, there is no subway for Sakarya. As of today, tramway tramway standards can be made in the rail system. Among them, the most important line is between campus and center. The installation of a light rail system seems to be very costly due to the ramps of that area and it seems impossible for construction techniques. For now, we started to publicly transport ADADAY on an 9 station on the 7 kilometer between Adapazarı and Arifiye. Today, it moves around the clock, but with the opening of the schools, there will be half an hour. ADAMAY card54 is being used. As of today, 2 thousand people are traveling on this route. When the schools are opened, we expect this number to be 5. When we took office, 2-2,5 million passengers were transported by municipal buses. Last year this number reached 10,5 million. The renewal of the vehicle fleet was effective on new routes and comfort. B

Noting that transportation is a whole, Turan said, ler Today we are taking steps to avoid the difficulties of other cities. In this context, our road map is ready. Here we are going to make arrangements according to the direction of growth of the city in the coming 5 step by step per year. According to land use, the city has a variable character. Today we are planning the flow of transportation in this direction of the city, where the area of ​​education is green and all of us. They will all proceed step by step, et he said.

Stating that they are struggling with budget constraints, Turan stated that they will continue their works by taking economic criteria into consideration instead of unnecessary investments. The all-inclusive cost of the 1 kilometer light rail is around 5 million euros, Turan said. As the number of passengers increased tire access is no longer comfortable and safe, and this in the end of the light rail system emphasizing the need to switch to Turan said that this work will proceed step by step.

During the preparation of the Master Plan, 30 mentioned about the most complaints of the citizen in a one-to-one survey with a thousand citizens. Değin 30 complained about the one-on-one survey conducted by a thousand citizens and complained about the minibuses. Complaints came from irregular hours. Citizens want to know what time the vehicles will be at the stops. With smart stops, passengers will learn when the vehicles will arrive. One of the most disturbing issues of the citizens complained that bicyclists could not go safely for vehicle traffic. We started to work in this direction. We made the first example of this at Necmettin Erbakan Boulevard. We have also presented a project to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization on bicycle paths. An 60 bike path will be built and half of it will meet the ministry. Today we have a bike path of 5 kilometers. One of the complaints was that the drivers did not obey the rules. From here we will train public transport drivers. Buradan

Turan, who made striking comments about the new parking lots planned to be built in the city center, said; Arı There is not much public land in Adapazarı city center. So there is a land there and there is no possibility to go to do parking. 2 million TL for 20 thousand square meters for the expropriation of the Gar Square. We intend to make these parking lots by taking public places where the cost of expropriation is cheap. There are some schools in the center. We want to move them to new campuses and carry them to more modern schools. I want to give names, but these schools are known by everyone. We are planning to do parking in these areas. We don't want cars to get into the city center. If you build the car parks to the center, you will be taking the vehicles to the center. That's not what we want. If we had car parking under the Orhan Mosque square, we would have pulled the vehicles back to the center. Our goal is to make these car parks beyond a kilometer diameter of the center. In the vicinity of Çeşme Square Mosque, in the vicinity of Yeni Cami, these parking lots can be reached by walking around the center. We want to purify the car a bit from the center. There's already a car park in Kent Square. If you make new parking lots, people will come here again and will need to make new arrangements. Our aim is to have a qualified public transport on the Karaagac Boulevard in Ataturk Boulevard, the rail system can be trolleybus by establishing this connection, leaving these people out of their private vehicles to go on foot.

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